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Prime Gate

An ancient mode of transportation.

Prime Gates are a rare and difficult means of transportation, designed and built at a time when the world was at peace--the first, or 'Mother' Gate, created by the Gnolaum at Castle Andilain. These mighty artifacts were crafted to allow for travel across vast distances by opening doorways between two locations.   Ancient scrolls speak of a time when the gates were used to usher in trade among the peoples of the world, to move vast armies from one position of power to another...and even to provide refuge from natural disasters and invasion. While each continent is known to have at least one Prime Gate, Humär is known to contain three Prime Gates, including Tämä-Un and the 'Mother' Gate.   Prime Gates require specific magical knowledge. Each gate is constructed in precisely the same fashion--using the exact same combination of ore, stone, and magical symbols. To activate a gate, mägo 'Invocators' manipulate the complicated symbols on each of the three black spires, specific to the location one desires to visit.   Few invocators know every combination available to a Prime Gate.
There are 13 Prime Gates known to exist, 12 covering each continent and the 13th forged to send Mahan to Unrest.
The first Prime Gate we have record of, also referred to as the 'Mother' Gate, was designed by The Hero himself. Unlike its successors, the Mother Gate did not require a secondary gate to connect with in order to open a portal.   How this was accomplished, no mägo has revealed and there is no written account I have been able to find of another gate being able to function without a secondary gate in place.   It was the Mother Gate which allowed for Mahan to be banished to Unrest, as well as the colonization of Iskäri-Käläm and the establisment of Sanctuary.


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