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Felwince Forest

In the days of High King Gaston, during the campaign against Mahan, the nefarious Täuku gathered their strength. In an attempt to breech the lines of Human and Kutollum they called upon their dark magic.   Ripping the life from the land, nature screamed.   The great trees, in agony, fell--as flame and shadow combined against the races of light.   But the land would not yield. Feeding her strength to its humble children, it was the mägo from the court of the King who triumphed that day.   Destroying the enemy and securing the protection of the people, the last of the wizards strength was returned to the ground, blessing the area for generations to come.


Under the gaze of Moon Ridge, Felwince Forest sits across a rocky valley floor, where the mighty roots of the Wake Trees pierce the stubborn soil.   Littered with tiny natural springs, there is no need for rain for the vegitation to thrive, ven during the hottest points of the year.   Due to the denseness of the tree branches, their overly large leaves and gnarled root systems, once within the mebrace of the forest, travelers are hard pressed to see the surrounding countryside.

Fauna & Flora

Felwince is densly populated with the gnarled Wake Tree, as well as water shrubs and various moss--particularily surrounding the natural springs.   Though travelers may find game like deer along the boarders of the forest, there isn't enough plantlife to sustain larger animals. Hence Felwince is known for smaller game, such as squirrel, rabbit, and other tree-living vermin.
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