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Iskari High Council

The governing body of the Iskari people.

Made up of fifteen members, the Iskari High Council is the ruling body within Sanctuary.   This High Council watches over the welfare of both the Iskari race, the overall welfare of Elama, and stand as personal counselors to The Hero.   Divided by stewardship, each member wears the robes of balance:
  • Golden = Leadership
  • White = Races of Light
  • Black = Races of Darkness

Council Members

Gold Robes

Elder Delnar (The High Elder) : Keeper of Keys, Watcher of Sands, head of the Iskari High Council and steward over the valley of Tamku (TAM-koo) - male
Elder Poul [Pole] - first counselor: influence with elements of Fire & Water - male
Elder Irrumea [Ee-roo-me-uh] - second counselor: influence with elements of Air & Earth - female

White Robes

Elder Lamier [la-MEER]: influence with plants - male
Elder Tursin [TOOR-sin]: twin of Turrin, shapeshifter/animals of air and land and head steward of the valley Syskuu (SIS-koo) - male
Elder Turrin [TOOR-in]: twin of Tursin, shapeshifter/animals of the sea - male
Elder Tiell [TEA-el]: master of languages (spoken, written, and magical), peacemaker, head steward of the valley of Inäkuu (i-NAH-koo) - male
Elder Shea [SHAY]: youngest of the council, son of Delnar, able to discern 'truth' as it is connected by events (past & present), identifier of the royal bloodline and head steward of the valley Kevä (KEY-vah) - male
Elder Jiin [GIN]: master healer/surgeon and head steward of the valley Loäkuu (LOW-ah-koo) - female

Black Robes

Elder Käshen [kah-SHEN]: technology - male
Elder Nurii [NOOR-ee]: Walker of Dreams - female
Elder Gaidred [GAY-dred]: master strategist, student of all forms of combat and head steward of the valley Marsia (mar-SEE-uh)- male
Elder Lapish [lah-PISH]: mathematics/connective relationships - male
Elder Altorin [all-TOR-in]: influence over death, decay, shadows, and non-embodied/demons and head steward over the valley of Kuutä (KOO-tah)- male
Elder Sulvän [sul-VAHN]: keeper of propheies/scribe - male
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