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The Pinnacle

Where the High Elder stands alone, watching over countless worlds.

“There is only ever one who is able to see other worlds through the sands of our own. It is the one we call ‘High Elder’, for he can see what cannot be seen and lead us where the path turns.”
— An Iskari Council saying
Upon the moon if Iskari-Kalam, just outside the safety of the dome which is Erimuri is a set of steps, winding up and over the chittering sands of a great chasm. Steps which lead the one with the rare talent to see, out to a precious, looking over a great gulf of unknown depth.   A place where the High Elder of the Iskari High Council stands alone.   This is the Pinnacle.   Its red stone reaches forth like a frozen skeletal hand, grasping at the ever-moving fragments of countless worlds.   It is here and only here where those with the power to see can call forth fragments of other worlds, and command them into view.

Purpose / Function

The Pinnacle is a central location of power, created by the Ithari to call forth collected fragments of other worlds.   These fragments, when combined with the essence of Iskari-Kalam, enables the The High Elder --the one who possesses the power of 'seeing', to make a connection with another planet and its lifeforms.


The Pinnacle is made of the natural red rock of the planetary moon of Iskari-Kalam. Simple in structure, it measures 146 cubits in length x 102 cubits in height, with a winding set of weathered stairs exactly 300 cubits in length.


Nearly a thousand years ago, the last hero fled Elämä with his only child...a son. The child was hunted by Mahan to end the boys life to avoid future challenge to his might.   The Hero placed the child upon a distant world called "Earth", where he was left in the care of a loving family.   To keep watch over the child, the Pinnacle was crafted by the power of the Ithari and the ability given to the High Elder of the Iskari High Council to observe the child through a portion of Earths own life. This gift and ability has been passed down through the ages until the return of Wendell P. Dipmier .
Current The High Elder is High Elder Delnar, keeper of the Key and watcher of the Sands.   He is able to watch the sand from the Pinnacle and understand the connection and 'flow of events'.
Tower, Mage
Parent Location
Owning Organization
The Pinnacle first appeared in the book Prelude to a Hero.
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