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Alhannah Luckyfeller

Fearless. Tough. Skilled. Relentless. Under 4' tall and cute as hell.

Of all the people trying to learn and to be who they truly are upon the face of this world, I would have to say my own daughter does the worst job at it.   For all her attempts to be the close-fisted, hard-hearted warrior, refusing to allow the world into her personal space…she always seems to find people to help, serve and love.


Alhannah Luckyfeller is arguably one of the unique gnome personalities you’ll find.   While the race of the Gentre has an overwhelming fear of outsiders, especially those bigger than our species (which is virtually everyone but the Undeloo), Alhannah fears no one. Not gnomes, humans , and not the darker races of the vallen , therrin or täuku . That fierce courage includes defying authority, beast, magic and our beloved technology.   She doesn’t fear what she firmly believes she can affect.   Alhannah is the spitting image of her mother and resonates with my glorious wife’s personality.   Born to headstrong and independently thinking parents, they raised her to question everything. Not in defiance, but with a perspective that all things should be understood. For one cannot truly be who they are meant to be if they live by lies.   At the same time, she experienced some of the truths about mortal nature, specifically the violence—beings subjecting their weaker counterparts to the unrighteous rule of another, all for the sake of control. To lay claim on the lives of others, who should have been allowed to forge their own, independent lives, despite the differences.   Even at a young age, this infuriated her.    So she fought back.   Alhannah’s mother was a highly respected and decorated soldier within the N.E.R.D.S. division of the Government Faction. She was allowed to travel with her mother at times, witnessing the cool discipline and unwavering dedication of a strong female role model. This not only inspired our daughter, it forged a personality that would never back down, yield…or break.   Losing her mother at a young age would devastate any child—especially when the connection is strong. Yet I don’t recall Alhannah crying more than a handful of times. Instead, her emotions came out in aggression and determination to protect the weak and ignored.   When she was old enough to compete in combative sports in school, such as wrestling, roundball, grappling or fighting competitions, she enlisted. Having been trained by her adopted uncle Dax, Alhannah developed a unique style to conflict. Always aware of her environment, the tools and weapons available to her and her near-perfect control over her own body dynamics, my daughter cleaned the floor with the competition.   But it was never enough.


When Alhannah came of legal age, she applied for her black card to leave Clockworks City. “It’s too quiet around here,” she would say, though I don’t see how a city with over a billion gnomes could ever be considered quiet.    She opted to serve as a bodyguard and mercenary with Morphiophelius (a.k.a. Chuck) , a close family friend. It was more of mercy upon her father than a real job—though I’m told they had adventures and dangers that would make my nose hairs curl. Either way, my daughter grew in both experience and reputation, fighting alongside Chuck, Dax and ‘company’.   Yet the more I asked her to come home to visit, the further her employment took her.   So I let it go.   The only time she came to visit was to appear on her birthday to introduce me to "the twins". No, not two handsome young gnome males, but rather her bonus from a job she'd done for Chuck: a set of enchanted swords. The pristine blades were light as feathers, impervious to rust, wear, breakage and always maintained its edge.   So what did she ask for her birthday that year? A whetstone.

Danger is packaged into a sport

When the Brothers Trench had their Trench Wars competition picked up by WHRN, word spread fast. Thousands of competitors flocked to the studio to join the elite rank of steel warrior pilots.   Forty-foot robots, ruled the day. Equipped with machine guns, swords, shields, grenades and missiles, gnomes became pilots. Trust me, it’s a hard thing to miss. Whispers of these S.L.A.G.s spread to the rest of the world within days.    Alhannah was home before the official tryouts started.   With a natural gift for conflict and a brilliant mind for learning (like her father, if I do say so myself), Trench Wars was dominated by the pink-haired, sword-wielding warrior. Smashing through (and beheading) the competition, Alhannah Luckyfeller became the first official Trench Wars Champion. Her trophy received a brother in season two, but personal conflicts between her adversary, S.L.A.G. pilot Darcy Dunnit forced Alhannah to take a break during season three.   Not a friend to boredom, she left the country once more, bumping into her old friends, Chuck and Dax…and meeting the The Hero.   That adventure took a few twists and turns, leading the warrior-princess back to Clockworks, shocking the whole gnome world as she competed side by side with her uncle Dax and the Gnolaum himself in Season Four.

Abilities & Connections

Ever since she could walk, Alhannah was looking for trouble.    Not to start conflicts…but to finish them.   After the loss of her mother, she threw herself into training her mind and body for conflict. Accepted by Dax as a student, she learned many non-conventional ways to apply various fighting styles in hand to hand combat, allowing her to use her size and speed to face and defeat opponents many times her size and weight.   With weapons and her extensive knowledge of humanoid anatomy, Alhannah is a dangerous foe by any definition.   She is proficient in the use of the knife, sword, double-sword, spear, shield, single-bladed axe, double-bladed axe, dart, garrote, rope, mace, hammer, whip, buckler, bow, all firearms, both auto and semi-automatic.   That’s my little girl.   While performing her duties as a mercenary and bodyguard, Alhannah has made friends with both Lord and Lady, King Robert III, wizards of note, dozens of high profile merchants and even traveled briefly with members of the Nethinim.


26 years old  


3' 10"  


72lbs / 5.1 Stone  


Pink, dyed  


Emerald Green   Alhannah has the strength, agility, and stamina of a gnome her age who engages in extreme, regimented, combat-focused exercise...with a dedication to developing and maintaining the ability to support her own body and armor weight in acrobatic feats.


Höbin Luckyfeller (father)
Sylvia Gearspinner (mother, deceased)
Green Luckyfeller (brother)
"If there's anyone I've met who people underestimate, it's Alhannah Luckyfeller.   Sure, she's small. Yup, she's dang cute too...but cross her or get on her bad side and you're in for a shocking surprise.   How do I know?   Because the first time I met her was when she saved me from getting my head caved in by a 500+ pound Vallen in the Roadkill Tavern.   That monster dropped before he could blink.   Yeah...don't push your luck with 'Hannah.
I hereby decree that Lady Alhannah Luckyfeller is granted full access to all roads, highways and admittance into any and all locations & buildings required for her to fulfill any appointed duty she has been charged with, either by word or by contract.   Any persons restricting her access to such freedom will be held in open contempt against the Crown.  
~King Robert III

  Alhannah was first introduced in the book Race to Til-Thorin.

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