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Son. Brother. Professional Bard. Gnome Exile.

Most kids growing up in Clockworks City dream of someday becoming a police officer, perhaps a fireman, maybe even a S.L.A.G. pilot..   Not Green Bartleby Luckyfeller. Oh no.   Green was born to entertain…and entertain he did. He knew, ever since he was little, that he wanted to make people smile and to melt their hearts. Before he could even walk, he was trying to sing with his mother, Sylvia Gearspinner and older sister, Alhannah Luckyfeller. Yet when Green finally found his voice, that boy could make the angels weep.  

Growing Up

Music wasn’t the only talent Green had. Storytelling came to him as easily as breathing, able to recall the smallest detail and weave it into tales of adventure or woe. At five years old, he could twist your perceptions of reality until you found yourself in the thralls of a battle or trapped in the lair of some mythical creature. At school, he would draw crowds of children, who forgot about play-time and instead desired to hear the latest tale from the ‘Luckyfeller kid’.   For a time, Green moved about with his family, following the exploits of the N.E.R.D.S., his mother second in command. Green was fascinated with the world around him. He took every chance to explore his surroundings and ask questions from his endless list. Fearless in getting to the truth of any subject, he took notes, comparing everything and looking for inconsistencies.   Truth be told, he was a natural fishis in the making.  

The Cursed Blessing

When Green was about to attend University, he gained the notice of a political figure. How it happened for certain I can’t tell you, but my guess was it happened due to his entering the ‘Clockwork Idol competition’. A singing contest where the most talented youth of the city came together to impress judges from popular record labels to win the title of Clockworks Idol…with a record contract attached to the trophy. Green took the stage and wooed the crowds over a six-week series of challenges, winning the votes of over 238,000,000 gnomes throughout the city. Though the title eventually went to Kelly Clockston, Green still received his share of record contract offers.   Soon after the show ended, Green was contacted by an Ian Twofold, assistant to President Shrub. Mr. Twofold offered Green a gig to perform at a private party, the President's children being huge fans of the show. Green agreed, but what he didn’t know, was that certain members of a whacked-out activist group called “M.A.P.S.” (mägo against presidential suckers), had been plotting to infiltrate this same party. M.A.P.S. had created a ‘gift’ for the President…a cursed lute…in the hopes of driving Shrub insane…and out of office.   These Techno-Mägo took a classic lute, prepared it with nylon strings, golden pegs, and bridge, then combined their knowledge to enchant the instrument. Bestowing a sentient consciousness to the intelligences of its structure, the lute gained the ability to express itself verbally. Giving it the name “Huey”, the mägo wove an annoying-as-hell personality into every fiber of the wood, and with their last ounce of strength…made the damn thing indestructible.   After the party, President Shrub retired to a private card game in a side room. Sitting down with military generals, political leaders, and a few local film stars, the techno-mägo presented the President with their magical gift. Just one strum of the strings would bind Huey, and his obsessive need to criticize, to the President for the remainder of his life.   The techno-mägo never anticipated that the President would ask Green Luckyfeller to take his present and play for the room while he continued playing cards.  

Joyfully Exiled

Now imbued with a magical lute which could not be stolen, damaged or lost, AND able to imitate ANY stringed instrument perfectly, Green decided to pursue his greatest dream.   …to become a world-famous Bard.   He would venture out into the world and sing the stories of the greatest heroes of our time.   He just had to find one.   When President Shrub discovered the ploy of the techno-mägo, he didn't want to risk the chance of M.A.P.S. finding a way to switch Huey’s attachments. Thus he promptly had Green Luckyfeller escorted from Clockworks City, enticing the young gnome to leave peacefully and quietly, by setting up a generous ‘Bard Research Grant’ he never had to pay back, once he reached the mainland.   To this day Green wanders the globe, singing for his supper, making friends and trying to find a dynamic real-life hero to attach himself to and sing his or her praises.
"Sometimes the village idiot is only called so because they refuse to move to a new village."
— Green
" really are an idiot."
— Huey


23 years old  


3' 9"  


68lbs / 4.8 Stone  


Light, golden angelic blonde  


Crystal Blue   Green has the strength, agility, and stamina of a gnome his age who engages in moderate, regular exercise...mainly derived from walking.


Höbin Luckyfeller (father)
Sylvia Gearspinner (mother, deceased)
Alhannah Luckyfeller (sister)
Green Luckyfeller first appeared in the comic book The Wendell Must Die! (Wanted Hero #4).

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Did You Know?

Parts of Green were inspired by The Soup System. When they aren't worldbuilding, they're asleep (or trying to help people).
You can learn more about their work by visiting their World Anvil Account, Lengna Olio.


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Green sounds like a really fun character. I love his backstory! :)

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Feb 9, 2021 03:46 by Jaime Buckley

Had to finally get his header done...and there will be more about him as the series unfolds--but Green was in my latest book, "Howling Shadows" that was published this last weekend.   He is one of my favorite characters of this world. Huey is close second.

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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