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What is the smallest substance we know of?   This question has been debated between those of science, magic, and religion for quite some time. Yet only the mägo and those of the cloth seem to agree that there is a fundamental building block beyond the atom, the quarks, and even leptons.   These fundamental building blocks are called intelligences.   I am referring to the element named ällyämä [ah-LOO-ah-mah], roughly translated being ‘intelligent life’ or ‘living’ intelligence. This specific word has been found in ancient text, among the countless glyphs in Nocturi architecture and even throughout the canon text of magic in the University of Magic.   The different perspectives of ällyämä between the mägo and priests seem to be both sides of the same coin.

The Cloth

A priest would tell you that ällyämä is what makes up all things you see, as well as what you do not see That all things made only occurs due to the influence of the äolen [AH-oh-len], or as the cloth calls it, the “I AM”. The greatest intelligence of any single creation, to which all other intelligences flow unto it for guidance, direction, and to become unified with it—because like attracts like. This happens without compulsory means.   To clarify, ällyämä is drawn to a greater version of itself, uniting and growing into something more.

The Beaker Boys

Science does not acknowledge intelligences, being unwilling to coordinate or even converse with the mägo or church(s).   The only exception to this are the Gentre Techno-Mägo.   The theory behind the science is that unless intelligences can be seen, measured, and manipulated by the tools of technology, it isn't real. It doesn't exist.   I'm guessing these folks went to public school.

The Mägo

A mägo, on the other hand, would tell you that the äolen can be commanded and through it, ällyämä can be shaped to the will of the caster.   It is this foundational belief that those users of magic influence the intelligences around them, according to the rules of the Seven Disciplines of Magic.   Practitioners of Deity, Core and Spirit are known to have developed deep connection with their own äolen, granting them varying degrees of influence over the universe around them.

Where All Parties Agree

There are two overlapping fields that seems to cover all three categories, and that is quantum mechanics and the theoretical framework of string theory. Fields of study where the fundamental theory of physics describes ‘nature’ as the smallest scales of energy levels, not only of atoms (much bigger than intelligences), but of subatomic particles…and that these particles interact with each other through space.
“The mysteries of TGII is calculated to exalt man; but it is impossible for me to say much. I shall therefore just touch upon it. It is associated with the subject of the next life unto us, and the soul of mankind.   By this, I mean the mind of man and his immortal spirit, for it is the body and spirit that make up a living soul.”
— Father Noah, TGII Temple Mass 6735s
“Where did it come from, our spirits? How did it come to be? All the learned and preachers of divinity say that Pääjumä created ällyämä in the beginning; but it is not so: the very idea lessens all of us in my estimation.”
— Lindell Agätä, class presentation - Order of Spirit, University of Magic 6701s
“I do not believe the doctrine; I know better. The intelligences which fill the immensity of space, which we call ällyämä has existed without beginning and they shall not have an end.   Hear it, all ye ends of this vast world, for Pääjumä has told me so; and if you do not believe me, it will not make the truth without effect.”
— Teachings of Brother Deryn, 6487s
“The holy books do not say that Pääjumä created our spirits but that, ‘Pääjumä made mortal man out of the dust of elämä and put into him spirit, so it became a living body.’”
— Carmen Beekerman, presentation to the BBA, Clockworks City 6737s
“We say that Pääjumä Himself is a self-existing being, but who told you so?   How did it get into your heads?   Who told you that man could not exist in like manner upon the same principles as Pääjumä? For man DOES exist upon the same principles. Pääjumä made a tabernacle of flesh and put a spirit into it, and it became a living soul.”
— Lucja, Order of Core 6522s
“The mind or the intelligence which we mortals possess is co-equal [co-eternal] with Pääjumä himself. There never was a time when there were not spirits; for they are co-equal [co-eternal] with our Creator.”
— Brother Aman, Beth-Haran kirk, 6621s

Lord Soturi explains

The Evolu have a record of their people being taught the mysteries of the Universe by Lord Soturi (of the Nocturi) himself. Those who sought for further light and knowledge were once able to travel to Vathinera and study under the greatest teacher of that generation. In an address to an open theater, Lord Soturi remarked:  
“I want to reason more upon our spirits; for my heart desires greatly to explain what mortal thought naturally rejects; not that it is an untruth, but rather against our capacity, many of us, to comprehend and so we cling to our false traditions.   “Should I take my ring from my finger and liken it unto the mind of man—I speak of the immortal part, because it had no beginning. A perfect circle with no beginning and no end.   Yet suppose you cut this same ring in two; then it has a beginning and an end; but join it again, and it continues one eternal round. So this is with our spirits. As Pääjumä liveth, if it had a beginning, it will have an end.
"All the fools and learned and wise mägo from the beginning of creation, who say that the spirit of man had a beginning, prove that it must have an end.   "For if that doctrine is true, then the doctrine of annihilation would also be true. But with boldness I proclaim from the rooftops that Pääjumä never had the power to create the spirit of man at all. Intelligence is eternal and exists upon a self-existent principle. It is a spirit from age to age and there is no creation about it.   All the minds and spirits that Pääjumä ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement.
~ Lord Soturi


I present this last piece of material with a dose of trepidation, though it should be made available to all who find their hearts to know the truth about who they are. It comes from my friend, Morphiophelius Smith, who took a personal interest in this topic as I bounced presentation ideas between us.  
“If there was anyone who was converted to the belief that there are higher beings, divine—if you want to call them such—who have a direct interest in the welfare and success of every mortal on this world, it would be the last hero of the Gem.   During the war with Mahan, I lost a great deal of my confidence, my wife and child taken from me through violence. To comfort me in my time of sorrow, I received a letter with words of love, compassion and faith I’d rarely seen.   They got me through the darkest part of my life, and to where I am today…”
— Morphiophelius Smith
  …and he shared a portion of that letter with me:
Read the Letter
“…the first principles of man are self-existent with Pääjumä. Finding He was in the midst of spirits and glory, because He was more intelligent, saw proper to institute laws whereby the rest could have a privilege to advance like himself.
I bring this to you my friend, because there is purpose in all things, especially our loss.
The relationship we have with Pääjumä and the jumälät places us in a situation to advance in knowledge. They have power to institute laws to instruct the weaker intelligences, that they may be exalted with their own society, that they, as their children, might have one glory upon another, and all that knowledge, power, glory, and intelligence, which is requisite in order to save them in the world of spirits.
This is good doctrine. It tastes good. I can taste the principles of eternal life, and so can you. They are given to me by the whisperings of Ithari; and I know that when I tell you these words as they are given to me, you taste them, and I know that you believe them.
You say honey is sweet, and so do I. I can also taste the spirit of eternal life. I know that it is good; and when I tell you of these things which were given me by the Ithari, you are bound to receive them as sweet, and rejoice more and more.
Let this rest upon your heavy heart, Charles. For all things you have lost for the sake of the Light will be restored unto you ten score, even in this life, and more so in the life to come.”


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