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Höbin Luckyfeller

Father. Adventurer. Award-winning gnome historian.

  Höbin Luckyfeller is what people refer to as a "field-scribe-historian" (or fishis for short), hence the term—"field work is for the fishis."   His talent and specialization are in acquiring unique information not readily available to a ‘normal’ historian (that means the yahoo’s who still write with pen and paper instead of using a laptop). It's the primary reason why he remained the staff director of the research department at the FAF until rumors and unsubstantiated accusations encouraged the administration to bring Höbin up on conspiracy charges.   Charges which led to a secret governmental tribunal and his prompt exile from Clockworks City .  
"I had some crazy notion that people actually wanted to read the TRUTH...instead of reconstituted VOMIT about ruddy politicians spewing more promises that will turn out to be lies and crash diets to make your butt smaller.   Now that I look back, maybe I was expecting too much of the public."
— Höbin's final statement at sentencing
  Höbin is arguably the greatest historian in gnome history for one specific reason:
"No matter what you say to him, Mr. Luckyfeller refuses to follow the rules and regulations when it comes to his assignments. His passion and dedication are admirable, yes, but he's repeatedly shown his obsession to do anything and everything to bring the absolute truth to the reading public.   His refusal to reformulate his findings according to the organizational protocol displays an open rebellious attitude. An attitude that just might get him fired..."
— Senior Director Cameron Notetaker (FAF annual employee evaluation)
  A specific reason why those in power feared his very presence.  
  Höbin's qualifications include studying under the renown scribe and botanist Bigsby Bumblebutt , and earning his Field Degree from Clockworks Academy . After the Gate War, he requested isle-leave from the Government Faction and secured his black card, taking his surviving two children— Alhannah Luckyfeller and Green Luckyfeller with him on remote field assignments.   Since then he's earned a Doctorate in both field analytics and animal linguistics. Through intensive study and application, Höbin became proficient in arcane analysis, magic fundamentals and advanced cybernetic adaptation and engineering.   He also makes a mean quiche and impressive lemon sorbet.   Höbin hit fame and fortune when he went against FAF publishing protocol and released his first independent public work entitled Demoni Vankil.   While sales of the book hit national records, Clockworks most beloved fishis was arrested, tried without representation, convicted, and sentenced. Stripped of his citizenship, Höbin was exiled from his homeland, all profits from his books seized & confiscated.   Höbin now lives a paupers life amongst outcasts in The Black Market.

Höbin's History

  Always on the move, Höbin was an admirer of the great mägo Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck), who frequented his fathers shop in Clockworks City. This was during the ‘open days’ when free trade routes were established between races. Höbin’s father Curious Luckyfeller lived up to his name and developed great skills with herbs and rare plants on both Clockworks and Humär. Curious opened an alchemy shop, specializing in exotic goods and documented knowledge.   Höbin assisted his father in categorizing every herb, plant, and concoction created. He found it to be an obsession, recording unusual information not readily available. While his father would look for rare plants, Höbin would document not only the plants but regional location, maps to the location, effects, various uses and any side effects experienced through himself or returning patrons.   Chuck found himself drawn to the gifted child, who displayed vast intelligence beyond his years, insatiable curiosity and no fear whatsoever. Commissioning Curious, Chuck also hired Höbin for a season of work to catalog rare plants and insects which pollinate.   Chuck assisted the gnome N.E.R.D.S. (National Environmental Recon Deployment Service) agents, in finding the right frequencies of uncharted wilderness in exchange for free passage with a gnome citizen (Höbin).   The two traveled from location to location, while Chuck collected rare elements for magic. Höbin dutifully recorded everything he saw—treasuring all things new, regardless of its size or level of importance. Truly humble and a grateful student and companion, Höbin gained a place in Chuck's heart, becoming close friends. Both discovered they had an unquenchable desire for adventure and seeking the ‘new’.   One of the largest fascinations Höbin had, was how the world connected together and how magic allowed for travel between locations. With the help of Chuck (and Dax), they discovered and mapped the connections of each continent on a single scroll, as well as the specific uses of a Prime Gate.   As a present to Höbin, Chuck enchanted the scroll, creating a Symblim [SIM-blim] (crazy map). The scroll automatically recorded each place the gnome traveled, as well as pinpointing the exact location of prime gate magic. This Symblim also had the unique ability to reveal resources within any given vicinity of the Symblim itself.   Best of all (and lucky for Höbin), the scroll was virtually indestructible.  

Love and Loss

Höbin used his new ‘crazy map’ to gain favor and respect with N.E.R.D.S., assisting in locating and securing much-needed resources.   What he didn’t expect to happen, was finding himself attracted to the teams second in command, Sylvia Gearspinner.   One of the best fighters of the league, Sylvia never took notice of Höbin, regardless of his crazy antics to get her attention. Mishaps, humiliation and near mutilation in the face duty did nothing to improve his situation. In a letter to his daughter, Höbin shares the experience that changed his life forever (see ‘How I Met your Mother’):  
“In the middle of the congregation, turned away from me, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. It felt like I’d been shocked with a yonker-wand. The hair on my neck stood on end, my spine tingle, and my stomach was doing backflips. It was impossible to miss your mother. I was never partial to the color red until I saw her hair. It's the perfect color that depicts the fire burning within you both. Her pale cheeks and emerald green eyes looked about as she switched places with her father.
  She never noticed me.”
  Only through attacking a Vallen bare-handed to save her life, did Sylvia take notice…  
“And all at once, I mattered to her.   “No one went for it. The relationship I mean. The soldiers liked me, even had a measure of respect for me now, but your mother was famous in warrior circles. Compared to her, I was still a nobody. She had a shining future ahead of her. No one seemed to want her to hitch her wagon to a flower–picking, map–making, a researcher from the lower districts.”
  The two wed and had three children: Alhannah, Green, and Chausy, who died soon after birth.   The death of her youngest haunted Sylvia long after the loss, throwing her back into service with N.E.R.D.S., while drawing comfort from Höbin’s presence. Several years were spent traveling together as a family, Sylvia leading an elite N.E.R.D.S. team while the children helped Höbin in the field.  

Normality and Death

The Luckyfeller family prospered, as did the gnome race under the guidance of Chuck and Höbin’s discreetly used Symblim.   But it wasn’t to last.   The children were natural adventurers. When they weren’t left with their grandparents in town, the children accompanied Höbin, Sylvia, Chuck, and Dax. Alhannah proved to be a fighter, able to get out of any scrap and addicted to her one-on-one training with ‘uncle’ Dax, where she learned non-conventional fighting techniques. Green, even at a young age, entertained the camp through laughter and song, crafting stories of praise...to honor the soldiers he admired, especially his mother.   During a routine scouting trip for resources to harvest, a miscalculation opened a portal into Täuku territory, where the parties set up camp. Before an alarm could be sounded, the initial scout team was overwhelmed and silenced, leaving the gateway open for attack.   Both Täuku and Daigons (large tree lizards) swiftly attacked the basecamp, surprising the soldiers and catching even Chuck off-guard. Sylvia called for the gate to be collapsed and formed a blockade around gnome civilians with N.E.R.D.S. personnel, Chuck providing magical counters to the Täuku dark magic.   While protecting his children, Höbin was wounded, throwing himself between a Daigon and Green, his life spared by the magical prowess of Chuck. Carted off by field-medics, the last image Höbin remembered was the Prime Gate collapsing, his wife and children trapped in enemy territory and Dax diving after them at the last moment.   A medically induced coma kept the historian sedated for six weeks as reconstructive surgery. He awoke to his friends and children hovering nearby.   Dax had gathered the children and ported back…unable to locate Sylvia in the sea of blood and gunfire.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Höbin has the strength, stamina, and endurance of an elderly gnome who engages in regular moderate exercise.

Facial Features

The upper left portion of Höbin's skull, his left ear, and left eye are covered in metal.

Identifying Characteristics

Höbin suffers from extensive wounds which required the amputation of his left forearm, both calves, his left ear, portions of his skull and the removal of his left eye.

Physical quirks

When tired, Höbin suffers from slight muscle spasms in his face, neck, and shoulders--a side effect from the strain of prolonged use of his cybernetic parts.

Special abilities

Höbin possesses multiple abilities, granted through customizing his cybernetic implants.

Specialized Equipment

Höbin possesses top of the line bio-encasing, cybernetic implants, and prosthetics to replace:
• Skull
• Left Eye
• Left Ear
• Left Forearm
• Left Leg (under the knee)
• Right Leg (under the knee)

Mental characteristics


Höbin is a highly educated individual, both through traditional avenues and special invitations through his father's connections while growing up. Due to his profound work among Human, Kutollum and Iskari races, Höbin has received invitations to study with some of the worlds greatest scholars.


Due to the nature of his exile from the Government Faction, Höbin has been forced to go 'freelance'. This includes working for publishing houses competing with the FAF, as well as other races.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Höbin's accomplishments are too vast to mention in one collection, though the greatest accomplishment remembered was the research & publication of Demoni Vankil, which is now available for FREE through hundreds of gnome and human outlets (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes and anywhere quality books are sold).

Failures & Embarrassments

The only two regrets Höbin admits to is not being strong enough to have saved his wife, and the FAF publication of his very first work:  

The Pilgrims Pocketbook of People, Places, Predicaments and Pain: The perfect panacea for prepubescent adventurers.

Intellectual Characteristics

Höbin is a fanatical student of truth. Brought up to be a conceptual thinker, he looks at any situation with an overall view, then looks for patterns. Perspectives are a priority in every process...but what makes this gnome unique is his willingness to believe in virtually everything, unless it can be proven wrong, not the other way round.

Morality & Philosophy

A familygnome at heart, Höbin believes in traditional values that bring out the best in a person. Manners, consideration, mercy, and "leaving the monkey where the monkey belongs" which roughly translates to taking responsibility and accountability for your own choices.

Personality Characteristics


Due to the threat of infection and the rejection of his cybernetic implants, Höbin maintains a strict regiment of cleanliness, keeping alcohol nearby for emergencies.

Wealth & Financial state

Due to his exile, Höbin lives from job to job, dealing in both coin and credit--so long as he has the connections to trade those credits into something tangible.
"Run fast. Stay Free. Record Everything."
— Höbin Luckyfeller


none of yer $@#$!!! business


A proud 3' 10.5"


Haven't cared since I told my doctor to take a flyin' leap off a skyscraper.




Right Eye - Crystal Blue
Left Eye:
• Focal Length: 300mm (480mm Equivalent for Crop Sensors)
• Aperture Range: f/2.8-f/32
• Field EF Mount
• Format Coverage: Full Frame
• .6' Minimum Focusing Distance
• 8º15' Angle of View
• 0.18x Magnification
• Weather Resistant
• Waterproof to 360m fresh/salt water
• Filter Size: 52mm Drop-In
• Remote access (600 yard range)


Sylvia Gearspinner


Alhannah Luckyfeller
Green Luckyfeller
• Chausy Luckyfeller (died shortly after birth)
District 11, Clockworks City
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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