Roadkill Tavern

Hot food, warm halls, friendly service, and the treasured 'Blackseed Rum' to quench the mightiest thirst.   That is what you'll find in the famous Roadkill Tavern--the oldest merchant establishment in the The Black Market.   A place where contracts are signed, handshakes are made and a mans word can be given over the constant hustle and bustle of the Great Hall.   If you have a need for a good meal, a find drink, amiable company, ...or even a soft bed, this is the place to be.  

- Wood


A Gypsy Landmark

unlike the dim and smokey atmosphere of the The Black Market, the giant cured logs of the Roadkill Tavern stand out in bright defiance of the times. Clean, crisp wood, stained to preserve the rare logs, some whisper that the trees were harvested from the Andle Forest.   If that's so--mägo beware--for there is powerful magic behind such planning.   While the rest of the Black Market has survived and worked with available local materials for construction, no expense was spared to build the markets most famous tavern. From brass and steel hardware on the doors, inlaid stone tile for the floors, and clear glass for the windows out to the front porch, this building has been the pride of the gypsy community for hundreds of years. The tavern even has a Gentre/Kutollum designed kitchen with water system, providing indoor plumbing.   The first meetings of the gypsy community were held at the Roadkill Tavern, and to this day the Great Hall is reserved as the main gathering place when the Triad intends to negotiate with outsiders.      

An Unusual Owner for an Unusual Tavern

The Roadkill is owned by Wood--both respected and cherished among the Gypsy people. Rumors are whispered that Wood has been the single owner of the tavern, and that he personally laid each and every stone of his dwelling.   But that would make the Human hundreds of years old--which is ludicrous thinking at best.   The man is rarely seen outside his tavern, always working from dawn to twilight slaving over hot stoves or working with his secret fermentation process to deliver his famous Blackseed Rum delight for patrons. Yet Wood seems to have his finger on the pulse of the Market at any given moment, calling for runners, making handshake agreements over his hardwood bar.   Yet that is not the most unusual trait of the tavern owner.   It is Woods unchangeable mood, and his dedication to the service or and comfort of those willing to spend their coin in his establishment.    

The Structure

vastly bigger than any other structure in the Market, the Roadkill is rectangular, logs carved out to secure the building position, which is nestled into the very stone of the cave encapsulating the Black Market.   One only needs to be greeted by the giant cured boars head hanging on the heavy reinforced front door to know you're entering an established domain. Its thick log posts, massive hearth, and open fire pit in the center of the Great Hall dulls in comparison to the beautifully crafted solid wood bar stretching across the main room for all to see who enter therein.   Behind the bar hang two double hinged doors leading to the kitchen where hot & spiced foods are prepared for the delight of the weary traveler. Should you desire to sample something from the ROADKILL TAVERN Menu, all you have to do is ask the lovely barmaids and you'll be certain to receive a platter to delight the tastebuds!   In the back of the bar, outside and in a separate building (which extends deep underground) is the tavern still. It is here that an untold number of kegs contain Woods famous Blackseed Rum.   The tavern houses close to 100 patrons in the Great Hall at any given time. Tables are made of split logs with rough stumps for chairs. A dozen booths are crafted of the same wood, refined by layered leather and duck down as cushions. Though the setting and furniture are rough, the atmosphere is always lively. Upstairs will reveal a dozen rooms, not including storage rooms, a bath room and communal toilet stall allowing for six patrons at any given time.   If one desires more privacy, the Roadkill also owns a set of eight cabins situated near the front porch, rounding the gravel circle leading up to the establishment. Each cabin allows for a single occupant, a secure door and a large bed of goose down and a wool blanket for comfort.      


Though one can obtain the best food and drink from this establishment, that's not all one can find.   Many performers find it an honor to perform for the patrons of the tavern--as the Black Market draws people from all backgrounds and from all corners of the globe. Musicians, poets,...and storytellers.   Sitting next to the giant hearth, relaxing in his deep leather chair and smoking his long reed pipe, is Terrin...a bard of renown reputation. Several nights a week the Great Hall will fill up, bringing both coin and question, hopeful for a chance to make a request of the master bard--who weave tales to delight the mind and seduce the heart.      

An Exception to the Rules

It should be noted here that both the tavern and Woods unsullied reputation go a great distance with the Gypsies.   The law of the Market is enforced without emotion or mercy. All are welcome, even the outcast and criminal, so long as the Law is adhered to.   Where the Roadkill Tavern differs from other establishments, is how the Law is applied. The Gypsies have allowed Wood to deal with his own problems to a point--for little can be expected from and establishment where groups of intoxicated semi-giants go on emotional rampages.   Wood is know to be fair yet firm with all patrons, including the Vallen who frequent the tavern in groups. The few conflicts, either started by the Vallen, or in attempting to finish them, have been squashed by the tavern owners immense strength and prowess for conflict. Even the biggest brutes think twice before angering the barkeep.   Artwork (including building layouts) to be added soon...

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2 Jan, 2021 18:26

This place sounds so cosy. <3 I like the sound of Wood a lot, too.

2 Jan, 2021 19:35

Hmmmm, cozy isn't a word I have ever imagined. Then again, I love log cabins, and that's exactly what this is--I'm just thinking more of the patron atmosphere.   Wood is a god, good man. Integrity, kindness, thoughtfulness, all in a world what wants to convert you or kill you in most respects.   =)

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