Old Terrin
The bards are master storyteller, yes--but they are also masters of information. Most cultures have a version of a bard, but among Humans the bard have no equal.   The most famous among those claiming status of bard is Terrin (a.k.a. "Old Terrin"), head of the Taleweavers.

A Bard Known but not seen

Few know his real name. though no one speaks it--Terrin lives a secluded life in the Black Market. Sitting by the hearth in the Roadkill Tavern, Terrin weaves his tales and sings songs of praise and adventure to patron--accepting coin and drink where they are offered.   Like myself, Terrin lives in one of Roadkill Taverns upper rooms. I've never thought to ask him about it, but I gather he trades room and board with Wood, the tavern owner, for the constant crowds he draws into the Great Hall.   For one whom I've rarely noticed leaving the tavern, he's always up to date on all the latest news, rumors, and conflicts both in the Black Market AND topside.   ...and we don't have those damnable pigeons down here.    

An Unequalled Style

Not even I, a gnome historian of questionable taste and attention can fault Terrin's masterful storytelling.   For a Human, he's a damn genius.   Not only does this wrinkly old wordspinner know what to say...his body language, timing, and exquisite use of magical visuals--Terrin is able to capture the attention of a packed room and never lose a soul during his verbal plays of adventure, might and magic, or suspenseful romance.   If you missed his performance of Butter & Rum here in the tavern, the event was recorded.   Read it.   Seriously--do it now.   To hear his tone, reflection, and watch the smoke from pipes around the room form living creatures ready to devour the patrons who dared move a muscle?   Magic.   That's what it was. Pure, unadulterated magic.   ...and that happens EVERY night.   Terrin's that good.     Artwork will be added soon...


72 yrs


6' 1"






Grey-White (streaks)


The most prominent facial feature is Terrins well-groomed mustache and beard. Though his hair is usually a mess, he can be seen caring for his facial hair in any reflective surface, utilizing a tiny comb made of silver.   Terrins face is riddles with laugh lines, especially around the eyes. Eyes that can see into a mans soul and know his worth...   Terrin has the strength, stamina, and countenance of a man his age who engages in moderate regular exercise.


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