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Gate War

The gnomes are the most technologically advanced race on Elämä.   Though the Gentre have been labeled the 'workers of dark magic,' it is commonly known that all races, including the magically advanced Evolu nation, have sought to obtain technology from the vertically challenged people of Pävärios.   The Gate War was a direct attack upon Clockworks City through magical means, to steal technology. The Government Faction reported the Prime Gate being opened from an outside location at exactly 2 E.M. (early morning), when the Gate Chambers were flooded with hooded Humans equipped with bows, crossbows, spears, swords, and clubs.   The Gentre Prime Gate had never, up to that time, been unlocked and opened from outside the city. This allowed the invaders the element of surprise, and being within close quarters, had the advantage--even with primitive weapons.   Upon further investigation of military records, several officers of N.E.R.D.S. reported the chamber alerts being triggered and though the limited gnome forces were initially overwhelmed, reinforcements arrived, immediately turning the tables. Both Techno-Mägo and S.L.A.G. units engaged the enemy.   Extensive magic was used to counter our technology. The humans held the main chamber for 24 hours until pilot Ambercromby Ratchet drove the human invaders from the chamber, through the open portal. Using a 'smug unit' (a small 12' tall runner with light machinegun capacity) Ratchet followed the retreat through the portal.   Gnome forces were marshaled and sent through the Prime gate to retaliate in force. Our Government Faction was determined to make an example of those responsible before using our own mägo to close and relock our Prime Gate. By sending elite S.L.A.G. units to engage the enemy further invasions have been avoided.   The war lasted a total of 7 days. 32 soldier of Gentre forces gave their lives to prevent the loss of Gnome life or surrendering Gentre technology.   Praise be TGII.

The Conflict


Peaceful trade relations had been established with Human, Evolu and Kutollum races. This exposed the Gentre to the possiblity of invasion.


The battle was fought around the Prime Gate, which connected Clockworks City and Tämä-Un, one of the humans Prime Gate location on Humär.

The Engagement

Participants engaged in close quarter combat using magic, primitive hand weapons and small machinery.


The Gentre Prime Gate was closed and immediately dismantled by the Government Faction of Clockworks City. All trade with outside races was terminated and a new law enacted, making all off-landers illegal within the walls of Clockworks on penalty of death.
Start Date
6717s | 713CT
Ending Date


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