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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a conflict that shaped the political climate of your world.
A total of 295 entries

The Spoiled Haggis Soup War

The conflict of arcane interest.

The Battle of Seikigahara River

The War of the Eagle (Aquila Bellum)

The Battle of The Red River

The Battle of Stonebay - WIP

The War of Tusk and Horn

Eternelle bataille des steppes

The Grand Inquisition: Eradication of Inhumans

The War for Mainland (TWM)

The Occlusion Event and the end of the last Dawn Age

The Coming of the Ara'koi

The West Coast Rengian Finals

The Last Battle at Peakfoot City

The Division of Erudian Magic and Ellavarian Magic

The Siege of Aurum Invicta

War of the Seneschal Court

The forgotten war (36.I - 37.I)

The Doubtlessly Dreary Demise of the Dreaded Death Dear by Dutiful Dunoiposions

The Overthrowing of Lianeous

La conquête du continent.

The Battle of White Wolf Valley (SC'19)

The Conquests of Tapis and Lales

Nomadic Wars (1202 PE to 1227 PE)

The Karkovian War of Independence

1st Richardian Expedition into the Rhendorian Empire

War of the Nine and the Three

War of Union - Battle of Cervilles

Third War of Mielschtaff Agression

First Saurian war against the breaker

Retout'krah: Eastern Uprising

War of Imperial Succession

Battle of the Lecher's Brother

Magia Tech-Bleakbear Arms Merger

The Gharan Nai Rebellion

The First Slave Rebelion

Guerra Vilargo-Brelandiana

The Caeyedan Conquest of the West

The Sarrinar-Terrnorran Conflict