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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a conflict that shaped the political climate of your world.
A total of 297 entries

The Spoiled Haggis Soup War

Cytherean Expansion

The 86th Sentinel Excursion

The Sapiens-Cliv Conflicts

The conflict of arcane interest.

The war of the Mist-pelted wolves and the Vampires

The Great Wars of Midvail

The Battle of Seikigahara River

The Invasion From Beyond

Battle at Celestus

The War of the Eagle (Aquila Bellum)

The Battle of The Red River

The Eskana - Oskad conflict

Cecaelia War (History)

The Elven Civil War

The Fall of Aerlia

The Battle of Stonebay - WIP

Augusterm's Conquest of Haven

The Gatekeeper's War

The War of Tusk and Horn

Eternelle bataille des steppes

The Krudner Civil War

The Great War of the Arche

The War of No Man's Land

War of the Three Kings

The Push for the Bridge

The Shattering of Skies

Der Lekarische Bürgerkrieg

Second Elemental War

The Four Week Rebellion

Battle of Earth's Planetary Border

The Grand Inquisition: Eradication of Inhumans

Battle of the Rosy Stream

The War for Mainland (TWM)

The Battle of the Burning Plains

Skolo-Woguoese War

The Last Retreat

The battle of Serenai

Incidente do Beholder (H)

When Eskeria Walked

The Great Federic Crusade

The Whitecloak Siege of 814 ER

The Pysrian - Illerian War

Shilaang War of Unification

Battle of Tokai Pass

A Very Oversimplified Summary Of The Egg War

The Occlusion Event and the end of the last Dawn Age

The War for Seaglow

The First Threat Wave War

Third Torch-Bearer War

An Alliance of Honour

The Second Decedent War

Aicurian Unification War

War of the Great Houses

The Siege of the Silent Gate

The Rahnika-Shikahni War

The Fisher's War

The First Great War

The Coming of the Ara'koi

The war of Orfordhwelm's Rise

Siege of Dalth'it

The battle for Faldiir

The West Coast Rengian Finals

Battle of Nine Stones

The Great Upstart

The Last Battle at Peakfoot City

The Frostern Civil-War

War of Vosti Succession

The Siege of Tapli

The Division of Erudian Magic and Ellavarian Magic

The War of Unification

The Battle of Ballymoss

The Siege of Aurum Invicta

The Merkarian Revolution

War of the Seneschal Court

The forgotten war (36.I - 37.I)

The Doubtlessly Dreary Demise of the Dreaded Death Dear by Dutiful Dunoiposions

War of Lorian Ascension

Starfall's Handover

The Heretic's Revolt

Revolt of Tyneside

Third Northern War

The Overthrowing of Lianeous

The War of Dredarek

The Keakas/Martess Blood Feud

La conquête du continent.

The Battle of Catherine

Battle of Independence

Battle of Agora Hills

The Great Constriction

The War of the Creators

The Battle of Orian

Guerre mondiale de Nirn

Eleven Years of Tears War

The Reduction of Kabatnos

The Battle of White Wolf Valley (SC'19)

The Unification War

The Conquests of Tapis and Lales

Nomadic Wars (1202 PE to 1227 PE)

The Karkovian War of Independence

The Skirmish of Amstead

Lupinalia Massacre

The -520 Mass Extinction Event

1st Richardian Expedition into the Rhendorian Empire

Kuprian-Asharian War

The unification of Bran'Aredh

The War of the Necromancer

War of the Nine and the Three

The Ninety Nine Year War

The Batlle of the 10

War of Union - Battle of Cervilles

The Great Division

Third War of Mielschtaff Agression

Spider-Eater Tournament

The Thousand Year war

First Saurian war against the breaker

Manchu Repelling Operation

The Devouring of Lliaq

The Dorsulgard Skirmishes

The Burning of the Sophia

Retout'krah: The Eastern Uprising

La révolte des Ditmis

The Azeban Conflict

The Tomadores Invasion

War of Imperial Succession

War of Aunari Independence

Akinda Human/Ungol Conflict

Battle of the Lecher's Brother

The Night Magic Was Not Woven

The Great Conquering

Battle of Moon Terrace

Grenzkonflikt: Adrya-Letresh

War of the Fracture

Magia Tech-Bleakbear Arms Merger

The Centaur Rebellion

Blood Sapphire Slaughter

The Gharan Nai Rebellion

The Giardist Revolution

The Scar of The Abyss

The First Slave Rebelion

The Expansion War

Guerra Vilargo-Brelandiana

The Purging of Asenboll

Battle of the Tulip Fields

The Soul-Spark Rebellion

Blacksmith's Rebelion

The Second Battle of Altair

The Caeyedan Conquest of the West

The Ektaros Suppression War

Rubefiàn Civil War

The Unravelling of the Portal

The War of Manaeyra

The Military Fair of 1972

The Battle of La Pluma

The Old War and its Losses

Massacre at Anchorage

Válka o sjednocení

The 13 Primes versus Unicron

The Sarrinar-Terrnorran Conflict

Liberation of Riverview

The Betrayal of Plie

The Great Kraagan War

Fall of the Last King

The War of the River Kings