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The War of No Man's Land

No Man's Land was a huge area of land on the continent Aporea in Arbressian. It had mostly been left alone for a very long period of time as it was almost completely barren. With little chance of growing food and the alarming amount of monstrosities and other dangers in that area, no country was particularly eager to claim it as theirs.   That changed when some wood elves decided to move from their island Thelha Alora. With them they had powerful druids who began the process of making the land where they settled fertile. It was a slow process and at first only in the area around their village, named Ela'Alari, but eventually other denizens of No Man's Land got wind of this new paradise. People living in No Man's Land at the time were struggling to get enough food to survive and also to not get killed by the various predators inhabiting the area. All of them were either escaping from the law in their home countries, ostracised for how they looked or behaved, deserters from a military organisation or similar, or they were descendants of people who had fled their countries years ago.   The wood elves didn't care about people's past as long as they were respectful and didn't steal. They shared their resources and knowledge with anyone who came to their village and most of them moved on to other places in No Man's Land and used the magic and other knowledge they had been taught to make the land fertile. After over a hundred years of this and so many helping to make the area more habitable and less dangerous, No Man's Land had changed from barren to a land of abundance. Suddenly the countries surrounding No Man's Land were very interested in claiming it as their own.   Yraldrig and Ashoedan went to war with No Man's Land as their battlefield. They raided settlements there for supplies and killed the people there indiscriminately. The wood elves of Ela'Alari decided that they had to help put an end to this. All the disparate people of No Man's Land had to come together to stand up against the Yraldig and Ashoedan armies. As it turned out, one of the younger wood elf druids had an affinity for bringing people together. Mika Sarric and the group of adventurers she was a part of would turn the tide of the war.   The armies of Yraldrig and Ashoedan had already been at war with each other for years, undoing much of what had been done to make No Man's Land verdant in the places they chose as battlefields. They were not prepared to face an army of people that could command the land around them with ease, led by a powerful druid backed by a sorcerer, two fighters, a warlock and a cleric. Somehow this makeshift army of mostly farmers and other civilians managed to beat back two armies.

The Conflict


The people decided to form their own country and elected Mika to be their queen, placing upon her the responsibility of making common laws and a structure out of scattered settlements with their own rules and traditions. So No Man's Land was named Eischland and they made Wadesten their capital as it was the largest town unscathed by the war.


Queen Mika didn't want anymore war, choosing diplomacy and espionage as her strategy instead. Diplomatic relations were later established with Ashoedan. The leaders there realised that making trade deals with Eischland would be incredibly profitable for their country.   Even though Queen Mika and her husband, King Wolfram, mysteriously disappeared in year 949 of the Age of Awakening, their son became the new king and his oldest child became the next ruler and so on. Eischland became known as the most accepting country on the continent, showing no prejudice against races that other nations had a problem with. The royal family itself was mostly half-elves as Wolfram had been a human.   Tensions with Yraldrig remained high as they did not accept half-elves as anything other than slaves. However, they reached a fragile truce, agreeing to leave each other alone.
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No Man's Land stood victorious


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