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Mika Sarric

Queen Mika Sarric

Mika Sarric was a wood elf who united the people of No Man's Land to stand up against the people trying to wipe them out. She ended up becoming the first queen of a newly formed country given the name Eischland.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born approximately in the year of 826 in the Age of Awakening, Mika grew up in the village Ela'Alari. Her father was a researcher of the arcane and her mother was a druid. Mika had no siblings but she had friends around the same age.   When she was still very young, at least in the eyes of elves, she joined an adventuring group that eventually came to be known as the Gilded Stars. Not much is known about the things they went through before the war but it was enough to hone their abilities until they were practically an unstoppable force with Mika being arguably the most powerful. Together they gathered an army strong enough to save the people of No Man's Land from being wiped out and with victories great enough to unite and form a new kingdom.   Mika was crowned Queen in the year 889 of the Age of Awakening and shortly after she married another member of the Gilded Stars, a man named Wolfram. He took her last name and to this day it is the family name of the royal family of Eischland.


She joined a circle of druids when she was just a child and received training and tutelage from them.

Morality & Philosophy

As a ruler and as a person, Mika strongly believed that all people should live in harmony with nature and never take more than what is needed. She believed in negotiations and peace. Violence was a necessary evil that should only be used when there were no other options. Equality and freedom of choice for all was very important to her.
Year of Birth
826 1144 Years old
Long black hair
Ruled Locations


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