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The Rise of the Gilded Stars

The story of how Mika Sarric and the others in her party started out. Telling tidbits from their first quests all the way to explaining how they eventually became powerful enough to unify the people of No Man's Land to form an army and later a nation.



Members of the Gilded Stars:   Mika Sarric - the main protagonist   Wolfram Gildenstern - human sorcerer and love interest of Mika   Waldemar Gildenstern - Wolfram's younger brother, fighter   Ariara Copperkettle - halfling warlock   Rinise - tiefling fighter   Nevine - Rinise's sister, cleric



The sweeping grassy planes, vast forests and tall mountains of No Man's Land. A previously harsh and barren environment that now, thanks to the wood elves and druids from Ela'Alari, is a verdant land filled with possibilities.   Ela'Alari, a village located about a week's travel from the south coast of No Man's Land. The settlement was started by wood elves who left their homeland Thelha Alora after one of their druids had a vision that they should go and help things grow there again. At the start the village wasn't more than a few simple huts. It maintained its sparse architecture even as it grew to remain humble and close to nature. It was later once the Gilded Stars came into money and gained popularity that a mansion was built in the village to act as a home to the party and safeguard sometimes dangerous artefacts they found during their travels, and later yet to hold planning sessions with generals of their army.


The biggest threat the Gilded Stars would eventually have to face was the Yraldrigan army. To go up against a large, experienced army with a newly formed makeshift army consisting of a bunch of lawless drifters, farmers and outcasts sounds impossible and it very nearly was.
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