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Aporea is one of eight continents on the prime material plane of Arbressian.


The continent of Aporea offers a large variety of geographical features. From the large and almost completely flat plains to high mountains that reach above the clouds, the only thing that Aporea lacks is sandy deserts. It is quite impossible to find a place without moisture in the lush environments. However, to the northwest there is a large area that is always covered with thick ice and snow.   There is no lack of water as there are plenty of large and smaller lakes as well as large rivers and small streams. In some places hot springs are quite common.   Most interesting are perhaps The Dead Isles; islands off the west coast of Aporea that are completely devoid of life and apparently infects anyone who sails too close with some kind of blight which always leads to death. They were not always this way but have been since at least a thousand years back.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the general flora and fauna are similar or identical to what you find in the real world but there are some that are entirely different.   Large forests cover a big part of Aporea in a variety of kinds. Both leaf and needle trees are prevalent. There are a few forests where leaf and needle trees grow in equal measure but for the most part they are separate. Leaf tree forests are the most common. Fruit trees do grow in the wild but fruits are much more commonly procured from orchards, including some imported types.   Notable flora:  
  • Druid's Dream: a herb known to be used by druids to go on vision quests. The dried herb is thrown onto a fire and the smoke is inhaled.
  • Wildmother's Web: a very resilient thorny vine that can grow to very large sizes even in places with little nourishment.

Natural Resources

All kinds of natural resources can be found throughout Aporea, with wood, stone and livestock being the three most common.


  • Aporea
    Map of the continent of Aporea.
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