The Four Dragons

The members first met in 1948 when all four of them went to a tavern called the Adventure's Quest located in Wadesten to look for a job. The twins, Aon and Noa Eldar, grew up in Wadesten and spent the first part of their childhood at the Everlight Orphanage in the temple ward before having to live on the streets as teenagers because of Aon's powers as a runechild were beginning to manifest. Chloe Trickheart had travelled around for a bit after getting separated from her foster father and finally ended up in Wadesten where she met the others. Sonata Wasem-Hune had spent some years living with her father and stepmother as well as her older half brothers in Solmine before her father decided to take her out adventuring. They then parted ways in order for Sonata to grow stronger on her own.    In that first meeting none of them could have imagined how important they would become to each other and to the continent.    Even though they don't really go on adventures together anymore, they are still very influential and if they so wished they could get away with anything within Eischland. After word spread of how they saved The Dead Isles from what had been plaguing the islands and the ocean around it which made it deadly to any ship going off course, people in Eischland (and in the nearby coastal country Westrana) saw them as heroes who could do no wrong. As such, The Four Dragons are essentially above the law. Luckily, Noa and Chloe are retired from adventuring and don't typically wish to break any laws (though Noa gets into some pretty intense fights with Sonata in public sometimes and do unlawful things during them but no one wants to get in the middle of that).    Sonata is really the one benefiting from doing what she sees fit even outside the law as she runs a mercenary group, but mostly she stays within the confines of laws with the guidance of her deity Sarenrae. Her goal and that of her group is to do good and if a law stands in the way of that, the law can't be that useful in the first place, right?    Aon passed away during their battle against Wolfram Sarric on the Dead Isles and is definitely above the law as he ascended to celestial status because of a deal he made with the lesser known deity with the name Celestian.
Founding Date
1948 in the Age of Awakening
Adventuring Party


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