Twilrath'Ela is the oldest and largest living tree on Arbressian.

Purpose / Function

Twilrath'Ela is a living tree but it also serves as a building for wood elves. It is home to the leaders of the wood elves and functions as a state building with offices for government and diplomatic meetings. It has spaces for worship and rituals as well as festivities.


Although starting out as a normal tree, its size was impressive. It was chosen by wood elves to become the centre of their new home and carefully altered through magic to hold rooms both inside of the trunk and through shaping branches to form chambers and balconies. No carving or other harmful methods of building was used in the process.


Standing at around 1000 feet tall, Twilrath'Ela towers over the other trees in the forest it's located in. It is already impressive when viewed as being a tree but then realising that it is also a building of sorts makes it truly breathtaking. The outside is covered in thick, greyish brown bark covered in lush green moss and vines. Its vaguely heart shaped leaves are a dark green colour during the spring and summer and in the autumn the colour shifts into golden yellows and reds.   On the inside, the walls, floors and ceilings are all smooth and rounded with natural patterns in the wood giving it a soft and artful feel. The chambers and balconies made out of shaped branches are covered in bark but soft layers of moss serve as a soft carpet on the floors.   The furniture is made out of fallen branches, driftwood and stone to ensure that no living plants were harmed in their creation and it is all left with their natural colour. The fabrics used, however, are often dyed in bright colours that remind of leaves during autumn, sunrises and rainbows.


The name Twilrath'Ela is Sylvan and it roughly means "Tree of the People". It is unknown exactly when the wood elves started changing it into a home but estimates put it at around year 1000-1500 of the Age of Parting.   Very few outsiders have actually seen Twilrath'Ela up close. It is located at the centre of the city Emyodell, capital of the country Thelha Elora. For the most part, outsiders see it from a distance as it towers over the rest of the trees covering the island. Wood elves are a largely welcoming people but they are understandably very protective of the thousands of years old tree.   It is said that the eldest druid in Thelha Alora is the only one who gets the honour of speaking to Twilrath'Ela and they then spreads any messages it may have to the rest of the people.
Parent Location


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