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The Saphiren Fortress

This stronghold was built by the human conquerors of Yraldrig after their war with the high elves was over. It is a strict and forbidding building with all straight lines and built mainly out of stone. It has several defensive walls. Some of them with small windows without panes for small cubbyholes in the walls where archers can sit and fire from without as much risk to get shot themselves. There are also places close to the gate from which boiling oil or the like can be poured onto forces trying to break through.   While built to last and be easily defended and containing a large amount of soldiers, there are areas of weakness. There aren't many magical fortifications or defences against magic. The only magic it has defences against is some forms of divination magic such as scrying. Those who built the fortress and those who use it now have always been very distrustful of magic in any shape or form and do not easily agree to having anything magical within the walls.   In the middle of the large fortress is a separate and more luxurious building in which the Grand Marshals live. This building is made from both brick and wood and slightly more decorated on the outside than the rest of the buildings. The inside is a marvel of art and soft furniture, completely unlike anything else in the fortress. It was built for comfort and Grand Marshals over the years have collected art and sculptures and other beautiful things to decorate, then leaving some of it behind once they left - whether it was because of retirement or death.

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