Drakari Civil War


A civil war in the Drakari System, between the loyalist followers of the Drakari-Ta and the rebellion group known as the Takri Separatists. The war ended with the death of the Drakari-Ta and the orbital bombardment of loyalist cities.


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A war that lasted only a handful of years, the Drakari Civil War was predated with growing tensions between the leaders of Iraka, and the colonists of the planet Takri. Living in an inhospitable land and heavily reliant on supply shipments from Iraka, the Takri colonists felt they were not being fully represented or provided for. The resurgence of the Natural Civilization, a religion that had opposed to Drakari-Ta in his original rise to power, further increased the divide between Takri and Iraka.


The war officially began when a band of Drakari calling themselves members of the Takri Separatists stowed away on a return supply ship and raided Matagano's store houses for supplies. Their raid failed, and they were put down by order of the Drakari-Ta.


The response of executing the stowaways instead of providing the additional supplies they were clearly desperately in need of spark protests throughout Takri and Iraka, and fighting quickly broke out. The Matari were the first, and quick, to proclaim their support of Takri against the Drakari-Ta's wishes and began sending shipments of additional supplies and weapons to Takri. The neighbouring Kitadori responded with an attack on a smaller Matari settlement, in the name of the Drakari-Ta, though no official record exists that this attack was officially sanctioned.


While fighting broke out on Iraka, Takri and the space between the planets also erupted in combat. Those loyal to the Drakari-Ta were quickly put down in the colonies, while loyalist vessels began intercepting shipments from Matagano, cutting off the Takri supply chain - A repeated action that turned into the downfall of the loyalist forces when a group of Matari and Takri fighters snuck aboard several Drakari ships from a supply vessel and took over control.


This stolen ships were then turned toward Iraka, and using explosive charges also brought up from Matagano, began orbital bombardment of several loyalist cities. This final attack killed thousands, including the Drakari-Ta, and caused significant damage to major cities. The remaining regions were quickly subdued by the Matari and Takri, and the planets re-united under a reformed Drakari Union now led by Takrino.

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