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The two four war

Four races, 4 hundread years.

The Conflict


This conflict began with an error and as a excuse.
All start in the now forgotten human city of Maury, a trading port that was attacked by a rogue wizards group resulting in a grand scale tradegy: The city burning to the grounds, lost commerce and a lot of dead.
As a result some religions start to cuestion the non divine magic, the dwarves start to blame the elfs, result of a long hate against them, that even they don't remember quite well.
This was only a pretext because the rogue mages were all humans.


With this the cold war became aggression and soon both races, elves and dwarves, were at each other throaths. The dwarves take adventage for his tides with the minotaurs and claim them as allies. At a glance some thing the conflict will be over and all forgotten but the reallity of things was other. The humans have an important role in this.
At the time the humans were the dominant race only because their numbers, but they never were united, some saw this conflict as a catapult for its own interes and star supplying weapons, magical materials and moreover, inciting individuals against the non divine magic, but they dont stop there, they acusse the giants, a solitare race, as practicioners of the now forbidden magic, in this way they will gain access to the rich lands they possess.
Then the war really started.


The war last 400 years and the battlefield was all Daimon.
The elves realize that the humans were the principal suppliers of the enemy army, then they attack hard, and mercilles with the help of the giants. As selfish as the humans were in that time, they abandon cities, village, their own people to survive and left the conflict to others.

Minotaurs and dwarves condemned those actions and form a real aliance agains this evils, slowly the began to gain battles, terreain and confidence. In that moment the pride of the enemy races result in an unexpected new and powerful ally.


As two of the most strong and long races, elves and giants were confident of a swift and just resolution to the war once the humans take no part in it.
But their actions only exalt the enemy, when the realize their mistake they blame the other and broke the alliance. This was a bigger mistake.

The Engagement

Each battle was to death, the hate and aggresion in this war, has no match. But the combined strength and the militar savvi of the dwarven-minos army was no match for a single army race.
Once the enemies split, they only lost two battles: one in a very stategic place in the mountains against the giants and first time they attack the last line of defense of the elven kingdom.


  1. Giants:Lost his homland and the last of them retire to the edge of the world
  2. Elves:Lost everything and became hunted by other races.
  3. Humans:Lost their status as a dominant race
  4. Minotaurs:Gain knowlege, power and the favor of a new sun god.
  5. Dwaves:Expand their territories in the once home of the giants


As a fatal consecuence of this the elves where exterminated.
Two major dwaven cities where built in ore rich mountains.
The gnomes now live in dwarven cities and are out in the open.
The minotaurs became the dominat species.
Conflict Type
Conflict Result
Dwarven - Minotaur alliance victorius.


Dwarven-Minos army

Led by


  • Military studies
  • Divine magic
  • execptional forged weapons.



Destroy the elves and the giants. And all the non divine magic evil doers.

Led by


  • Size
  • Magic based on the natural elements.
  • Stategic locations


Lost of their homeland.



Led by


  • Wisdom
  • Magic wilders and weapons
  • Time


The lost of this conflict result in extintion



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