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The Siege of the Silent Gate

Thousands of Legionnaires stood, their banners raised into the sky. Disciples walked among their ranks, giving orders and spreading information. The Emperor himself was among the Legion, and all nine constructs were among them, towering above even the largest of demons. The Legion was prepared for war.

The Conflict


An massive gate has been pulled out from deep within the Rip. Hideous creatures spill forth from it, demons spilling out into the surrounding lands. Three Outsiders has been traced to the Gate, and even worse, the sixty miles surrounding the Gate periodically lose their connection to the Arcane, making spells impossible. The Legion is deployed to the area, to eliminate the threat.


The Legion deploys nearly a million soldiers to the battlefield. The Demons outnumber them nearly ten to one. The Three Outsiders eem to lead the demonic forces.


The Silent Gate is a large plain, with constant rain and deep mud. There are outposts and towns that have been destroyed by the hordes of demons.


The conditions were brutal. It was cold and wet, putting out fires. Deep mud slowed the movement of the Draconians. Periodic silence came from the gate, negating all spells and wards. Only the constructs and the Emperor were unaffected. Kler worms bred in the mud, burrowing into corpses, and feeding on still living victims.

The Engagement

A series of covert attacks were launched on the demonic line, taking out key targets and key defensive locations. At least one Outsider was killed in such an attack. After the demonic line met the draconic line, the fighting was constant, and brutal. The demons had multiple lines, that continued to reinforce each other until the Emperor managed to break through and close the gate.


The Legion suffered massive casualties, and outposts were lost due to the lack of protection.


The Legion grows stronger, both from the aggressive campaign, and there are now less demons spilling from the region, allowing the Legion to consolidate.

Historical Significance


All Imperial Soldiers are trained to fight in deep mud, and without magic.

In Literature

"The Longest Siege, and the Darkest Hours." -by Klennah Touzen

Technological Advancement

New Wards are placed on Legion Gear, to avoid being destroyed by rain, mud, and dirt. Siege weapons that don't rely on the Arcane become more common within Legion formations.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2308 B.T, 20th day of Revival.
Ending Date
2310 B.T, 99th day of HeatFall
Conflict Result
The Draconic Legion emerged victorious, and at least two of the Outsiders were slain.


The Draconic Legion


Nearly a million soldiers.




Break the line of Demonic forces, and find the Outsider responsible for the arrival of the Silent Gate, kill it, then close the silent gate.

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