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The Rip

2501 Broken Tree, 30th day of HeatFall

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The Rip is a place of unending war. Hordes of demons ravage the borders of all civilized places, burning villages and people alike, slaughtering all who stand before them. The nations of people wage war against each other, whether the people stitched together by Arcane Energies battling against their hated Draconian neighbors, or the Angels against the rebellious Oni.   The world itself dwells between all other universes, feeding upon them. The land mutates and changes, as the energy that forms all things shifts and boils, some layers sink, and some layers rise. Not even the geology of the land is stable, because of this, vast canyons can open in minutes, and mountains can be shoved out of the earth.   The Gods are in a deep stupor, or dead, and the Archons, beings of pure energy formed from the Gods dying breaths, guide the forces of order against the Demonic Menace, and their leader, Motros. The main faith of the land follows these Archons, though the Woven people still follow the Dead Gods. There are also various cults rising within the societies of the world, and on the fringes of the wastelands.

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