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The Great War

The Great War was fought between the countries of Vefcak, Castrn, Ledfell, Duncel, and Jaganamin. The Great War was started by the country of Ledfell when Methis Courtal assassinated Sare Vefcak, the Queen of Vefcak. People say that Menthis was under the influence of mind controls spells, but there is no proof of any spell being cast and Menthis and he could be interrogated because he stabbed himself in the stomach and died shortly after Queen Zer was killed. Vefcak immediately declared war on Ledfell and started to mobilize troops to the border. Castrn’s border was further into Vefcak’s territory than it is now and during the first year of the war The Battle of the Broken Blade took place on Castrn land. This battle forced Castrn to take sides and take up arms. The commander of Castrn’s army, Commander Jetil Grondos, decided to side with Ledfell and stuck at Vefcak with its superior naval force. What both Ledfell and Castrn didn’t know was that Vefcak had developed the technology to create flying ships using Levitation Crystals. During this war that had now gone on for 8 years, Ledfell had been making secret deals with Duncel and Jaganamion that helped support them with weapons and food for troops. The leader of the Vefcak army, Commander Beni Sukelas, found out about the secret deals and sent a message to the king of Duncel. The message told King Lerdo II, the king of Duncel, that if he turned on Ledfell and staged a full-on assault on their border, that Vefcak would supply them with Levitation crystals. King Lerdo was pleased with the deal and staged a full attack on the Ledfell/Duncel border. Ledfell was completely unprepared for the attack but recovered swiftly. Castrn rushed to Ledfells aid and Vefcak seized the opportunity and occupied up to the current border of Castrn. The war went on for the next 10 years. Eventually, through moles and double agents, Ledfell, Castrn, and Jaganamin all found how to make levitation gems (Vefcak has still been able to produce the most powerful and efficient crystals). The countries all eventually signed The Secret Treaty when only minor victories had been won for over 4 years and the fitting stopped.

The Conflict


Near the border of all hostile countries, battles took place.

The Engagement

The countries that took part in the Great War were as follows, Vefcak, Castrn, Ledfell, Duncel, and Jaganamion


12000000 casualties


The War of Revenge

Historical Significance


The bloodiest was in Getherican history

Technological Advancement

The first use and development of levitation crystals
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date

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