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Levitation Crystal

The crystal thrums with untapped energy and a blue light pulses through it. Discovered by Dr. Cazari the crystals can lift weight depending upon their size. The crystals are primarily used for sky ships and other transportation. The crystals can be grown and then enchanted with flight spells, or they can be found naturally occurring in caves and the Underdark. The crystals that are found naturally last longer but are much more rare. Well constructed man maid crystals have a lifespan of 40 years before they start to falter. Most crystals that are found in caves and the Underdark have a lifespan that dwarfs man maid crystals, they usually last upwards of 150 years before they start to falter, and even then it will last another 30 years before it fully deactivated.   Size of crystal to maximum carrying capacity Small crystal: 0-20lbs Medium crystal: 0-60lbs Large crystal: 0-140lbs Giant crystal: 0-300lbs Gargantuan crystal: 0-650lbs


The crystals can be used to lift heavy loads and can then be pushed around without the additional weight of what is on trip of the crystal.


The specifics of growing the crystals is a secret coldly guarded by the governments of Vefcak, Ledfell, Castrn, Jaganamin, Duncel.
Dr. Cazari
Access & Availability
The crystals are mostly used in transportation so as to get food across the country without spoilage. They are also used on sky ships that can be used as weapons or for chartered voyages.
To use the crystals all that is needed is for someone to speak the command word within 10 feet of it.
The crystals were discovered Dr. Cazari when she went to map a section of the Underdark. She had to take samples hurriedly as a raiding party of duregar had spotted her camp. She latter came back an took a whole crystal back to her lab. She was also the person who found that you could grow the crystals and then enchant them once they reached their desired size.

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