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Vefcak was the first country founded in the Age of the Seven, and it has become the most powerful military in Getherican. Founded by the knight Sr. Vefcak during the year of 103AS, the country swelled in size and influence over the next thousand years. During that time they wiped out the country of Jaul and a race of bird people known as Kenku that ruled Jaul. During the year of 232AS, a man by the name of Herbert Gresal sparked outrage in the royal family when he started distributing handmade pamphlets describing scandals and corruption within the royal family. King Fendic ordered the capture and beheading of Herbert who had founded a new country called Nerasia. After a year, Herbert was captured and executed (Nerasia was dissolved by King Fendic later that year) Although Herbert was dead his ideas of rebellion against the royal family lived on in more pamphlets and quiet revolution. 40 years later another man by the name of Joseph Gerogia sparked another rebellion against King Fendic. Fendic quelled the rebellion with ease but the two rebellions set the path for countless other rebellions throughout the years. Before the Great War Vefcak was largely secluded and was completely self sustaining, but once Queen Sare was assassinated, King Drez V ordered the mobilization of the Vefcak army and declared war on the Ledfell. Once the war started King Drez realized that to stay out of crushing debt Vefcak needed too trade with foreign powers, so King Drez opened trade to both Kith andnEscar. With a large amount of the Underdark underneath Vefcak, Drez also opened trade with the duregar capital of Dugresa. During the war, miners found large underground cavers filled with precious stones and gems these caves became known as Caves of Wealth. The gems boosted trade with Kith and Escar and helped establish a more secure trading partnership with both countries. The trading partnership has stayed strong throughout the past. The current leader of Vefcak is King Drez VI. Rebellions still plague Vefcak from year time to time, but none have ever been successful.


Political King/Queen: Leader fo Vefcak Prince/Princess: first in line for the King/Queen Baron: Leader of cities and towns Military Commander: Leader of the military Cornel: commander’s right hand Law Scale Judgment: the final say in any matter of law Scale Seer: judgment of matters of law

Demography and Population

4.5 million people   24% dwarf, 17% gnome, 15% human, 13% elf, 12% kenku, 10% half elf, 4% tiefling, 4% hafling, 1% other


Trained army that is lead by the Commander

Foreign Relations

Tense relationship with Ledfell Good trade and relationship with Escar and Duncel Good amount of trade with Castrn, Kith, and Jaganamin

Agriculture & Industry

Vefcak is mostly self sustaining and it only trades for weapons and armour.

Fend for yourself

Founding Date
103 AS
Geopolitical, Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Market economy
Gold pieces
Major Exports
Then major exports of Vefcak is uncut gems and wheat.
Major Imports
The major imports of Vefcak are weapons and armour.
Legislative Body
The Law Seers
Judicial Body
The Law Seers
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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