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The country of Ledfell was founded in 404 AS by Ori Coroman as a series of trade routs through uncharted lands between Jaganamin and Vefcak. After 40 years the Coroman family became so wealthy off of taxing traders using their routes they decided to establish their trade routs as a country. The country is named after the most profitable of the routs owned by the Coromans. Being based around trade many of the worlds most wealthy families live in Ledfell. The family saw how poorly Vefcak was being run and decided to try something different, a non hereditary monarchy. They decided it would be the most fun and fitting for there to be a competition to decide the next king or queen. The different challenges are decided once a ruler has been leader for 3 years. While avoiding problems similar to Vefcak and Jaganamin Ledfell ran into its own problems. The major problem that hasn’t been solved yet is the constant struggle between the Gods. Being the battlegrounds for The Battle of the Gods all seven gods have large amounts of their followers in Ledfell, so clashes between religions is quite common. Most of the Gods major shrines and temples are built in Ledfell which helps perpetuates the war of religions. The fighting between religions is not a minor detail with, there are mass killing in the name of each god in Ledfell, and the Gods don’t tell their followers not to continue them.


King/Queen: first in command Apprentice: second in command and learning under the King/Queen The Council: advisors to the King/Queen and their Apprentice Within the council (in order of importance): The Councilor of Knowledge, The Councilor of Gold, The Councilor of Trade, The Councilor of War, The Councilor of Law

Public Agenda

Kept trade flowing from all over the world.

Demography and Population

15% dwarf, 13% human, 10% gnomes, 10% elf, 9% dragonborn, 9% tiefling, 7% goliath, 7% orc, 6% genasi, 5% aasimar, 9% other


The Ledfell Army

Technological Level


Foreign Relations

A tense relationship is maintained with Vefcak and Duncel while a pleasant relationship is maintained with every other country.

Trade & Transport

There are harbors every few miles along the coast and there are safe and guarded routs crisscrossing through the country. There are even occasional Sky Ships at major harbors.

Let trade flow like wine

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
Gold piece
Major Exports
Nothing in particular, Ledfell facilitates the trade
Legislative Body
The Council
Judicial Body
Councilor of Law
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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