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The Pillar of Communion

In 237 AS the Power Forge was built as a massive temple to the god Tyr. In the center of the temple surrounded by rings of Prayer Boxes and the four halls of devotion, The Hall of War, The Hall Resistance, The Hall of Strength, and The Hall of Order lies the Pillar of Communion. The pillar is a huge 110ft tall circular stone obelisk crafted out of uncut stone chunks held together by magic runes. Protruding from the pillar are 100 wooden beams 3 feet long and 1/2 ft wide. The beams spiral up to the top of the pillar and can each hold the weight of 3 goliaths in full plate. Around the pillar are four large stones that glow with carved runes. Each stone helps hold the anti magic field and the feather fall spell in place over the pillar, so as no one can use magic to outwit the pillar and no one dies if when they fall. The goal of the pillar is to climb all to the top using all 100 beams and nothing else. The reason this is such a hard task is that there is a magical force pushing the climbers back down. But the reason that this is one of the most sought after task in the worship of Tyr is that if a climber reaches the top of the pillar they can talk with Tyr himself for 1 hour. Only 12 people have ever successfully climbed the pillar, and each of them has become the keel of one of the halls mentioned above. The pillar was built with the help of Tyr in order to make it nearly impossible to climb, so it is also considered a besting of a god to climb the pillar.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of pillar is to weed out the extraordinary and the devout followers of Tyr. The watchers of the Halls are also only picked if they have climbed the tower.


There have been no changes to the pillar other than a few attempts to make it easier to climb by unearthing the 4 rocks that help hold the enchantment of the pillar.


Made of uncut rocks and wooden planks the pillar looks like a strange wine bottle opener.


Built by Tyr in 237 AS the pillar has stood the test of time ever since.
Alternative Names
The Tower of Triumph
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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