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Casino Toran

Casino Toran is the most famous casino in Ledfell if not the world. With a massive city block’s of game/entertainment rooms the casino is the largest casino in the world. Run by Jaren Goulis a respected business man, and big gambler himself, the casino has been nothing but prosperous since its opening in 8453 AS.


Each room large room has 4 tables, one for each corner so nothing gets crowded, and the dealers sit in the corners of the room so they have a wide view of everyone in the room. There is also two guard/bouncers stationed at each door leading to connecting rooms and the outside.


Entries vary from 2 doors in a room to 4 doors and 2 staircases in a room.

Sensory & Appearance

All the walls and floors are covered in fabric so as to dampen any noise that comes from playing. The atmosphere that the casino aims for is one of sophistication and manners, there is no shouting, and there are no fights or you will be thrown out.


Most people that visit the casino are of a higher class than most.


Millions of gold gold pieces trade hands every day within the casino, money that the casino wins is kept in a vault off the casino site (the location is unknown).

Special Properties

Some rooms have anti magic fields around them.


Over the years the casino has had multiple cases of spells and items being crafted specifically for cheating the games. So as to advance with the cheating technologies the casino started placing anti magic spells in secluded rooms, and giving dealers and bouncers glasses with spells of magic detection etched into the lenses.
Owning Organization

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