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The Great Kraagan War

As the Ramoxian Commonwealth of the Third Age expanded outward from the central star systems, more and more galaxies and worlds became part of the Commonwealth. Most of the conquering was accomplished by the warlike Kraagans.   The Kraagan fleets finally reached the region of space that would become the Thousand Worlds in the decades just before Enod Torkay's insurrection. The Kraagans met little resistance at first, but when the insurrection broke out, it fractured the Commonwealth. As the civil war dragged on, more and more of the Kraagan forces were called back to the home worlds. And the Annunaki Alliance - the most technologically advanced group in the Thousand Worlds - was able to rally the planets of the surrounding systems to fight the remaining invaders back.   Eventually, the Ramoxian Alliance crumbled, the Third Age ended, and the Kraagans relocated to another region of space. But the alliance formed during the generations of war continued, becoming known as the Thousand Worlds, with the queen of the Annunaki becoming the first empress of the Thousand Worlds.

The Conflict


With the dawn of the Third Age of Creation, the Ramoxian Commonwealth became the most powerful and technologically advanced civilization in the universe. They spread throughout the known universe, mapping the stars and adding new worlds to their alliance. While the Ramoxians were the statesmen of the COmmonwealth, the warlike Kraagan species served as the main might of the rapidly-expanding alliance.   While the Commonwealth, made up of the five Immortal Races, experienced a golden age, a new family of races had begun to emerge throughout the universe. Mortal races of all kinds evolved, with the most common being the humans. At this early stage, most of these races were extremely primitive. However, a few evolved more quickly, particularly through contact with the Immortals. One such race was the Annunaki, a humanoid race that had appeared on a dozen planets at the heart of what is now the Thousand Worlds. When the Kraagan fleets arrived, the Annunaki adapted quickly, becoming the core of the resistance against the invaders.

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