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The First Threat Wave War

A brutal awakening of a new danger

We were never prepared for what came. Why our Mother allowed it, who knows. The world has gotten more complicated, more bizarre, and more dangerous. We may be safe now, but who knows what else may come from that wretched gate...

The Conflict


Ever since the rise of the new continent, Isle of Securo, new creatures have been sighted across the world. Mysterious disappearances have been reported on the outskirts of civilization, and unknown dangers were soon creeping upon The System.

The Engagement

Officials of the Ministry worked discreetly to recruit those willing to help fight the growing threat. Ciers have not been known to be a belligerent people, but higher-ups were desperate to create a force to be reckoned with. They gathered the most brilliant, strategic, and robust minds, observing all entities closely for any signs of battle-ready usefulness.   It wasn't until a major breach from a wave of horrific Threats led by a rogue entity Synclaire - The Fallen became a dramatic wake-up call to all. The city of Nexus was hit hard, causing major damage to the city's infrastructure and a large number of entities to lose their lives.   Soon after, the Ministry finally successfully recruited several entities that stood out under unusual circumstances. The first was Avastra, who was present during the first attack on Nexus. Others joined the growing team such as Mac Ahfi, a shield toting hulk who acts first and asks questions later, and Nort Symant, a paranoid and superstitious intellectual. They worked together providing their specific strengths while working around their differences in order to gain more intel on Synclaire and the growing number of Threats that wreaked havoc.   Avastra was the entity who took the lead, pushing back Synclair and the Threats from destroying the settlement of Memree, but it took many ultra cycles for them to reach her at the Fidelity Gate. The degradation of the world's natural order made it extremely difficult for Ciers to survive. The days became longer, hotter, and brighter, while Energaia seemed like it was ready to swallow all the floating landmasses whole. In the end, Avastra finally executed Synclaire and helped quarantine the gate from releasing Threats.


A phenomenon called The Mass Rebirth happened sometime after the war was won. Many entities that died from the war ended up resurrected in large numbers together from the Enviem Forest.


Security forces and protocols have heightened since the event. Data isn't as free-flowing as before, and all settlements have increased defenses. The Cier population has also started to question the integrity of the Ministry Of Management, speculating what they have been hiding and what their secret agendas could be.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The System survived the onslaught, and Synclaire was defeated

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a conflict that shaped the political climate of your world."

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