City of Ciers


Nexus is run by the rigorous hand of the Ministry Of Management, a group of entities with the highest amount of access to resources, locations, and information about the world. Their decisions and actions across the known System are also influenced by the current Oracle.


The majority of Nexus' urban landscape is divided horizontally into four sectors and vertically into four levels. Entities refer to these locations with a sector-level template (e.g. 0-1, 1-2, etc.). Each sector has unique purposes to serve the System while each level has specific authorization protocols. The higher the level, the higher an entity has access to that location.


Sector 0: The Cache


Filled with docking stations, data warehouses, and garages, this sector receives tons of data everyday from various sources to be processed. More valuable data is located in higher levels of this sector. Lower levels contain mostly junk but are still attempted to be used in one way or another.

Sector 1: The Hub


The major trading center of Nexus. A plethora of markets and malls line this sector. It is also a place where entities tend to socialize during their downtime.

Sector 2: The Function


The major business district of Nexus. This is where most entities work, where data is processed into useful products, and where R&D labs experiment with new technology.

Sector 3: The Core


The powers that run this sector also runs the System. Dotted with major government high-rises, security's headquarters, and the Temple of the Oracle, this sector holds the most impressive landmarks most entities only dream of being able to access.


The city's infrastructure completely engulfs the entirety of the Isle of Preo. Almost none of the natural geography of the island is visible.

Getting Around

The major method of transportation, in, out, and around the city is the widespread Hertz Transportation System.

Hertz Transit System
Technology / Science | Jul 27, 2019

The Most Convenient Way to Travel


An Opinion About Nexus

Don't get me wrong, the city is a marvel to behold and I don't know what we would do without it. The annoying thing is, there's always some sector being blown up or some level crashing and burning for some reason. Although we have a glorified security force, safety is definitely an issue here.
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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "What’s the biggest city in your world, and what’s its history?"

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27 Jul, 2018 23:03

I really liked how you divided each sector with a picture and small paragraph. It did leave me wonder though, how big is the city?

30 Jul, 2018 17:06

Thank you for the fav Eofa! I'm planning on elaborating further on the size of the city and its population after Summer Camp is over. :)