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Hertz Transit System

The System's Preferred Choice of Travel

I can't imagine the world without it, and I can't remember the world before it.

The Hertz Transit System is the most widespread mode of transportation spanning across the four major landmasses of all of Navi-PC. The system is a feat of engineering that was globally supported by all entities, while the Ministry of Management handled the construction when the project was first introduced. It was first implemented within the city of Nexus , providing the most efficient way entities could get around. After proving the system's success, the Ministry ordered the system to be built across the all the main floating islands. This revolutionized how efficient the System ran as a whole, and most hardly remember how things got done before the system was implemented.



They system requires two major components in order for a successful transport: a pylon anchor and a light circuit path. Pylon anchors are used as start and end points of a light circuit path. Both pylons and paths are manufactured from light extracted from C.A.Ds. The bigger pylons that connect the Isles are encompassed within a docking station, where payload trains arrive and depart carrying passengers and data.


Widely Available, Heavily Controlled

The Hertz Transit system is widely accessible to all entities as long as they have the proper access credentials. The Ministry imposes these restrictions as a way to help regulate not only the transport of entities but also resources.


Master Hertz, one of the oldest entities of the system, spent many ultra cycles dedicating his lifespan to the betterment of the System. He was one to never stop working, pushing the limits of ingenuity, gaining access most entities could even dream of. He was also known to be an adrenaline junkie, especially when it comes to speed.

Cover image: by Dylan Cole


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "Describe one technology which fundamentally altered your world."

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