Speeding the way to an agile world

Celebrated Master Configurlock Helios Hertz

Time is a sparse commodity. We must seek to use the time for what's most precious.
— Helios Hertz

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is very healthy for his age, but shows slight symptoms of Gnawed with visible spotty patches on his neck and shoulders.

Facial Features

Sports a strong yet scraggly square-shaped beard that is mostly white.

Identifying Characteristics

Has a tattoo on his left wrist that was used to indicate the Configurelock essence long before advances in technology began using chips.

Physical quirks

Tends to hunch over slightly, yet holds an imposing height.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gifted From the Beginning

  Unbeknownst to The System, the birth of Helios Hertz would bring about a turning point in the advancement of Cier civilization. In his youth, he was a pioneer who dared to dream of a far future where Ciers gathered harmoniously and synchronously without idleness or lag. His fearlessness led him to be part of expeditions with other Configurlocks who were not afraid to venture far into the continents that were a great distance away from their birthplace, the Isle of Ineo. They were called by their intrinsic ability to synthesize physical properties of nature, something that other Ciers had trouble with doing easily. Textchanters and I-Mages for example worked with the abstract extractions from the natural realm. Helios was constantly inventing new ways of moving through the world, from wheeled carriers to zip-line ropes. He talked fast, worked fast, and lived fast to the detriment of his slower and more cautious colleagues.  

Believing in a Better Way

  Before modern modes of travel, Ciers would tame the slow yet reliable Cirenatees to navigate the dangers of the smaller connected pathways between continents, such as the The Array. Helios and his impatient nature couldn't settle for the current way of transportation. He joined an expedition where their mission was to explore the antimounts of the Isle of Keio for new resources. A cave was found after many mega cycles hiking and climbing downwards through the treacherous landscape where a rare material dubbed C.A.D was found. The Floating Point settlment was soon approved to be built and anchored next to the opening of a cave, taking many ultra cycles to finish and establish a safe route. Helios stayed at The Floating Point for a great portion of his life, studying and experimenting with the new C.A.D material. He later popularized this new material to be used in transportation systems across Navi-PC.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His greatest achievement was developing the Hertz Transit System, an incredibly large network spanning across all known floating continents and the natural bridges in between. He began prototypes when the city of Nexus was starting to develop, implementing agile methodologies to make his project develop quickly. His modular approach to all aspects of the system made it scalable, and he aimed to use the least amount of resources needed to achieve the greatest benefit.

Personality Characteristics


He dreams to take his transportation technology into space and somewhat entertains the thought of also overcoming the hostility of Energaia .
Light blue
Medium length, swept back, peppery white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, spotty


Profession | Jul 26, 2019

Architects of the natural order

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Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a great thinker in your world and the impact they had on society."

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