So hip, much hype, such style



I-Mages must be able to handle manipulating at least the following resource types:

  • .JPG
  • .PNG
  • .GIF
  • .TIFF
  • .BMP

Other Benefits

The perks of an I-Mage include massive fame and a faster chance at climbing the hierarchical access ladder, if you do the job well.



I-Mages bring beauty into art and design across The System. Their work can be found in entity-made architecture, fashion, product advertisements, visual entertainment, and more. Most entities are not very talented in manipulating visual data, so their work is a highly prized commodity to make the world appealing, surprising, and unexpected for even the most common Ciers.

Social Status

Being an I-Mage brings about notoriety for an entity, as well as plenty of jobs. Even an I-Mage with the most basic of abilities can earn copious amounts of cryptocurrency and access to higher levels of Nexus. Entities look up to those who are able to execute this profession with high regard, seeking the latest trends.


Dangers & Hazards

The resources I-Mages use can potentially have disastrous effects if they are not carefully and officially examined by The Ministry's security's first line of defense when receiving data at The Cache. I-Mages can risk getting sick handling corrupted resources, especially after the wake of Threats that have infiltrated the city on numerous occasions.

Most Famous I-Mages

Brother of Illustrata. His artistic style is soft and expressive.
Sister of Fuhtoshi. Her artistic style is rigid and straightforward.
Alternative Names
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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “Which is the most prestigious profession in your world?"

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