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Bodily rot bloomed by age

No one lasts forever...


The beginnings of Gnaw varies from entity to entity since the lifespan of each entity varies greatly. However, it is common for entities ages 180 ultra cycles or greater to experience one form or another of Gnaw. Medical experts agree that this condition is greatly influenced by an entity's performance or willingness to work and be active on fulfilling their life's purpose given to them at birth. There is lots of pressure for entities to work at an optimal level in order to prevent early suffering from this condition's symptoms.


It starts with the failure of an entity's extremities unable to function properly. It becomes very difficult for an entity to grasp things with their hands, and their feet are more susceptible to stumble while simply walking. Limbs begin to become more stiff, making mobility a challenge. Visual indications of Gnaw reveal itself in the form of skin rotting in square like patches, starting from the spine and then spreading throughout the rest of the body. These patches are incredibly itchy, causing more discomfort and wear on the body.


Through much trial and error, no treatment has confirmed to be effective against Gnaw. Attempting to be active does show signs to slow down symptoms, but eventually, the entity's state degrades into a physical stasis. Some technology has been developed to mitigate an entity from becoming completely immobile such as prosthetics or wheel augmented chairs, but only the wealthy can afford these amenities. There is only one way known to cure existing symptoms, which is a blessing from The Oracle. Accounts of these miracles in The System 's archives encourages the continuous worship of Motherbjorn.

Cultural Reception

The Gnawed tend to hide behind closed doors, ashamed of being unable to continue to fulfill their life's purpose. Many look down on those affected as a testament to their uselessness to society while few attempt to try to help an entity carry on. It's an inevitable event when their time comes to go back to the forest to execute Guided Termination .
Gnaw Spine
by Olenka Kotyk
Chronic, Acquired

Cover image: by Ben Hershey


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a physical condition associated with old age in your world."

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