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The System

Our purpose is to live and work in harmony

Greetings Cier <insert entity's digital signature>! Welcome to cycle <insert valid numerical value>. Today is a brand new day to show how you make a difference and make the world a better place. Remember, don't ever forget your purpose!
— Ministry of Management's morning greeting announcement template

Once Divided

  The Ministry archives logged that cycles ago, society used to be fragmented and scattered across the vast lands of Navi-PC. Groups of Ciers would end up banding together whenever they found another who shared their essence.   Eventually, these groups established loose colonies between the three floating islands that existed at the time. Ciers of different essences had a hard time understanding one another and often clashed with misunderstanding and judgment. Amidst all the fighting however, one particular group was drawn to a distant yet overwhelming image at the center of the Isle of Preo. Then the world tree Osnine was discovered...  

Now United

  Upon arriving at the world tree, the group learned of a hidden reality that existed within the world. As if it was prophetic destiny, the First Oracle greeted the travelers and bestowed them tenents of unknown faith. It took time for them to understand her cryptic messages as they stayed, studied, and listened. The group unknowingly was put through a test of trials. With their success, they were granted the first blessings. Without question, the group made an oath to protect the tree, the Oracle, the world, and all life within it.   These legendary Ciers became the founders of the Ministry Of Management , and worked for many ultra cycles to gather all society to unite under one creed, for the betterment of all. This event was known as The Great Assimilation. With their heavy influence, disciplined determination, and a divine alliance at their side, The System became recognized.
Embrace Responsibility
Accept Your Limitations
Keep the System Running
Happiness in Unity
Ciers Working Together
by Dane Deaner

Parts of the Whole

Though these groups have united under the System, they still stand out due to their unique abilities or essences:

Manipulators of visual media
Editors of the written word
Tunesmiths of music and sound
Designers of play and leisure
Architects of the natural order

Geopolitical, Technocracy
Official State Religion

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a country in your world, including its political structure and history."

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