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Holy Mother, We Beseech Thee and Thy Blessings

Divine Origins

The very first realization of Trans-Bjornism came from the certainty of a single message encompassing all entities' birth and death cycle. This message shows itself in the form of an indestructible monolith appearing before an entity who has just been born in the Enviem Forest, inscribed with the following:  
Save life
Serve life
Seek life
  Once an entity leaves the forest, this artifact disappears leaving no trace. It is known that an entity will see its version of the monolith and is unable to see anyone else's.  
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There is speculation that the same image appears when the entity returns to the forest to go through Guided Termination. It is difficult to retrieve evidence to back up this theory due to the entity no longer living to give clear testimony. Only constant observations over the years of an entity's reaction to death can reveal glimpses of this possible truth.
  The monolith was designated the primeval name Master Biblical Record, or MBR for short. Sometime after the discovery of The Oracle and the Osnine world tree, many started to call it the Mother-Bjorn Relic, believing it contained a direct message from Motherbjorn.

Tenets of Faith

Trans-Bjornism's tenets are based on the resolute message from the MBR. Its brief message only brought complex and thought-provoking interpretations. The message was broken into three sections called The Directive Mysteries.  

Save Life - The Natural Order

  Life's bounty is finite, as represented by the cycle of life and death, and should be protected. The interconnectedness of all living things is sacred and must be kept at a balance. Without keeping the balance, the finite world would perish, forever disconnecting all living beings from returning to MotherBjorn. However, it is hubris to think that nature is perfect on its own. The world is meant to continuously evolve and improve in continuous iterations forever.  

Serve Life - An Entity's Purpose

  Our sentient species, Ciers, were given the gift of awareness so that nature's continuous iteration may continue without fail. Every Cier has a set purpose assigned from MotherBjorn that contributes to the whole. To know what we are meant to do is a blessing that should not be avoided or changed. All are encouraged to accept their purpose to be truly happy during life, else endure incredible suffering.  

Seek Life - Looking Upwards

  There is a reason MotherBjorn lifted these lands from the forsaken ocean. She pulled us up from death into life and gave us reason to live. We were meant to rise into her loving embrace, and bring the land along with it. She waits for us at the center of the universe, and we must continue looking and climbing upwards to achieve ultimate salvation.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the tenets or precepts of an organized religion in your world."

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