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Temple of the Oracle

Official Gateway to Mother

Daily Intervention

  The Ministry Of Management declares to the public that the Oracle dutifully listens for the voice of Motherbjorn every day for any signs, messages, and updates regarding the health of The System and the entities that live in it. At the beginning of each cycle, whatever the Oracle reports is first filtered through the watchful eyes of the Ministry. Once all details are rendered with clarity, an official announcement is made across the various populous areas via a mass media channel port to reach those who are to receive divine blessings. Due to the highly restrictive nature of the temple, those chosen are given temporary access to the temple on that day. Those who fail to arrive at the temple before the last moment of daylight falls are denied access, risking the chance to ever enter again.

Purpose / Function

Overall, the temple's purpose is to provide security and peace of mind for all living entities. This is backed by first and foremost safely guarding the Oracle in order for her to communicate effectively with the deity Motherbjorn without interruption. The workflow of society depends on the Oracle and her guidance sent from above, so any disruption to the medium can send the System into chaos. Providing a central point where the Oracle can deliver blessings to chosen entities when they are called upon is also a safety measure to control access and prevent break-ins within this sacred space.


The Temple encompasses two main structural parts using the Osnine tree as its foundation.  

The Public Gateway

The base structure is surrounded by a multitude of smaller trees that lead up to the main trunk of Osnine, with a single stairway leading inside an elevated enclosed dome. The dome is adorned with a gold like metal in a hexagonal pattern, joined with water like stained glass. Inside the dome, consecutive raised circular platform steps lead up to a receiving platform where a modest seat of circular white stone sits enclosed in a clear shallow wading pool. Various flora, particularly the infamous Periferah , are scattered across the surface of the pool.

The Private Hideaway

  The extended structure can be found high up and elegantly designed to fit into the highest part of Osnine's thick trunk before branches sprawl from a center point. From the outside, the structure has an oblong shape constructed with the same watery stained glass walls of the lower structure. It is also framed with multitudes of smaller tree like branches extending from the main tree, giving the shape even more support from underneath. A glowing beam can be seen in the distance connecting the structures, and is said to be a private elevator for the Oracle to travel up and down when necessary. No one except those with the highest access, usually Ministry members, knows what the Oracle's chambers look like.
Come, be blessed by Mother child...
Your upgrade is at hand...
Brave forth your purpose for a while...
Let your spirit be scanned...
— Mantra of Mother's Blessing

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a ceremonial building in your world and what takes place there."

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Come, be blessed by Mother child... Your upgrade is at hand... Brave forth your purpose for a while... Let your spirit be scanned... — Mantra of Mother's Blessing
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