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This concave shell is our home

The known world of Navi-PC is heavily believed to be a skycentric model, where all entities thrive on the surface of an incredibly large concave sphere while the heavens of the rest of the universe resides in the center. All the surface of the inside of the sphere is covered in water while different sized land masses float above. Entities call the ocean Energaia, otherwise known as "The Eternal Ocean". It's not well known if Energaia even contains life since entities don't dare descend to explore the ocean.


The major floating landmasses are relatively far apart, yet connected by natural bridges with varying smaller floating islands in between. There are four major landmasses:


  • Ineo - Land where the Entities are born and find residency.
  • Keio - Land containing the raw data fields filled with various resources.
  • Preo - Land containing the massive metropolitan city Nexus where entities work.
  • Securo - A relatively newer landmass filled with dangerous unknowns and a strange landmark rumored to be called the Fidelity Gate.


Since all life has been known to come from above (the center), there is a binary assumption that death comes from below (the outside of the concave world), so most entities strive to stay away from the ground as much as possible.


Isle of Ineo

I was born here. We were all born here. This land is quite pretty, with the symmetrical blocks where everyone lives, and the trees of the Enviem forest surrounding this little city. The trees reach eternally into the sky where heaven is supposed to be. If only I can climb one of those trunks and see...

Isle of Keio

Fields, lakes, mountains...or so I was told they were called where data flows. If it wasn't for our most beloved Motherbjorn who gives us life, we would not be able to enjoy this bounty, less survive. The Ministry of Management likes to control this area, so it's difficult to access and roam the wilds freely.

Isle of Preo

There is no other place like this, this place covered entirely by the city Nexus. I'm overwhelmed by the structures, the size, the constant buzzing of Entities scrambling to rise to whatever hierarchy they seem important to climb. This island has so many more Pylons than the others. Day and night, every cycle, Nexus seems to almost never sleep.

Isle of Securo

I fear this place, but I'm also drawn to it. It is forbidden to step foot into this place, and it is heavily patrolled by guards from the Ministry of Management. I hear they run tests, do experiments, and record daily observations at the Fidelity gate. All the info they collect is kept secret from us though, yet I heard of things escaping and wreaking havoc under their watch.


I was warned vehemently not to ever go into The Eternal Ocean. I will plausibly return back to Motherbjorn should I end up falling into this mysterious body of blue. No, I want to live as long as possible, at least until I figure out my purpose.
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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "Write an introduction to the geography of your world."

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Jul 24, 2018 05:35

This is such a different and intriguing setting! The text and the images really set the tone for something unusual, and I really like that! :D It's so fascinating!

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Jul 27, 2018 05:46 by Sai & Tyme

Thank you!!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to visually describe the world because it's not like a normal planet. ^-^' My goal in the future is to replace all the current images with art of my own, so look out for that in the future!