A place no entity dares come close to

"What do you think is out there?"
"I don't know, probably nothing."
"Then why is it there in the first place?"
"We can speculate all day, and probably shouldn't because break time is over, but all I know is that it's game over if we ever go near it."
— Conversation of two entities contemplating during lunch break

Perpetual Presence

  Energaia is the one and only ocean covering the entirety of the world's shell. No land masses embellish its surface. No life has been seen in or around it. The closest known land mass is the lowest point of the floating Island of Keio.  
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The closest you can get without falling into it head on is on a cluster of very small islands near the antimounts of the Island of Securo.
  Weather conditions determine how peaceful or how violent the ocean tides behave. Some areas could have high concentration of whirlpools, some are bombarded by typhoons, and others show the water as still as silence. Dense fog can stretch for miles, reducing the visibility of seeing the surface from the islands above. This makes it hard for acquiring information from afar, and most if not all dare take a closer look to see what else Energaia has to offer.  

Fear in the Unknown

  The few recorded accounts related to Energaia instills dread within even the most brave. It’s understood that death is a probable outcome whenever any life form goes near it.  
  • So far, all technological flying vehicles that have come within 1 mile of the surface have failed and fell into the water, becoming irrecoverable.
  • Witnesses have described those who simply touched the water look instantly drained of energy and look like they are being pulled under. Those taking a full plunge have never surfaced.
  • Violent storms can come out of nowhere ripping through the water even when the weather looks safe and clear.
Alternative Name(s)
The Eternal Ocean
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Rumors of a Survivor

Tall tales of a Standalone who roams the sea are circulated amongst the most curious of minds. It is said this entity figured out how to engineer a vessel that wouldn't electronically or mechanically fail, allowing them to navigate the ocean freely. This problem isn't the only hurdle some wonder how to overcome. There is also wonder how one could find nourishment or shelter from storms while out in the blue and black nothingness...
Energaia Seafarer
by Diogo Sousa

Cover image: by 10tenart


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like."

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