Sector 2: The Function

Center of all industry

Business! We're all about business. Business is working. Business is booming! Get out if you don't mean business. It's business time, all the time.

What's This Business All About?

  Without The Function, all infrastructure, power, and technology wouldn't be possible to grace the System providing a prosperous life for all. This sector houses all major business functions of Nexus where most entities work. Data is shipped from The Cache to be processed here into useful products. R&D labs also experiment with this data for developing new technology. It brings an entity great pride when they perform to their most optimal capacity.


An Outer View

The Function at Night
by Xrdes
  Out of all the sectors of Nexus, this one has the most organized and balanced layout. Everything is spaced out evenly to achieve the smoothest efficiency for foot traffic within The Function. It is filled with interconnected high rise buildings all of even height, and underground labs to perform the riskiest of experiments. Every building looks the same, with video projection glass seamlessly lining the windows facing outward and an open circular atrium inward. During the day, everything looks covered in a shade of monochromatic blues and grays. At night, buildings are speckled with different colors caused by the light of lit rooms where a late working entity may occupy.  

The Inside Look

Workers in The Function
by Markus Spiske
  What may look completely identical on the outside cannot be claimed the same on the inside. The internal infrastructure of each building have multitudes of rooms with specific aesthetics cater to a building's particular focus. In general however, offices are designed with sleek and modern tastes. Conference rooms of different sizes provide audio and video communication systems. Various break rooms are strategically placed to give workers easy access to sustenance and relief without traveling too far. Most rooms above ground have visibility of the world outside, and views of the city are a grand sight at the highest floors. One hundred and ten above-ground floors are built and twenty six below-ground floors for each building.
Office Hallway within The Function
by Roel Dierckens

Access Levels

  The access hierarchy in this sector is divided into 4 main categories:  
Level 0
Ground level
Level 1
Underground labs floors a-m
Level 2
Above ground floors 1-55
Level 3
Underground lab floors q-z
Level 4
Above ground floors 56-110
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Cover image: by Dan Schiumarini


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities."

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