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Cracking down on messy business

You could call them overly bureaucratic. You may think they execute annoyingly menial tasks. But the thing is, without them, The Function couldn't function like the machine it is.
— A senior employee
  Anyone that enters the business sector of Nexus knows the formidable presence of Administrators. They are known as Warrios of Business, with an established code they not only follow but enforce. They are passionate about establishing and carrying out the organizational goals of The System with policies and procedures driven by the Ministry Of Management.


Shared customary codes and values

Inspirational Leadership

  One of the noblest aspects of an Administrator is their ability to inspire others in the form of quarterly presentations. They compile a set of reports forecasting the upcoming tasks for workers to focus on and what strategies are suggested to execute to meet those tasks. They also make sure to recognize individuals or teams publicly who have achieved milestones or accomplished breakthroughs for their projects.  

Auditing Resources

  Sometimes business is done under the table, and Administrators seek to put an end this activity that circumvents proper protocols. If a transaction isn't recorded, they investigate the discrepancy. If a server is insecure, they push the owners to follow the rigorous process of attaining a security certificate. They notify responsible parties of transgressions and penalize those who fail to follow regulations within the given allotted time.

Common Etiquette rules

Rules Administrators dutifully follow:
  • Always be on time
  • Greet others with either a bow or handshake
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Proofread messages for grammar and typo mistakes
  • Schedule all meetings
  • Don't personalize and keep your workspace neat
  • Practice good hygiene

Common Dress code

Administrators dress in strictly business formal attire. Their look is crisp, neat, and appropriately matching. Bold colors and patterns are frowned upon, while muted colors against blacks, grays, or whites are recommended. Business suits are the standard, consisting of pants or skirts, collared button-downs, and a jacket. Lastly, clean and polished close-toed shoes are worn with slightly heavy soles to make a dramatic sound when walking down office corridors.
Drive Documentation
Succeed in Security
Promote Privacy

The Worst Kind of Admin

Dump the Administrator
by Icons8 team

One infamous Administrator whose enforcement methods are extreme, ruthless, and rather controversial is Trohn Dump. He is known to be extremely aggressive and sets unreasonable expectations for others to follow. Dump finds ways to audit other Ciers from being granted a surplus of data, only to hoard it for himself.
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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions."

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