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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities.
A total of 397 entries

Ville de Stahlsturm


Highspire, aka The Towering City

District 12: Slogborough

The City of Cylias

Infernal Citadels of Lord Bishop

The Five Terraces of Darg Marblebeard - WIP

Uranun Industrial District

Silvaros, The Mining City

The Crescent Cities

Mytenii by the Light

Irthoka (Rask Mining Facility)

Phelo The Town of Genius

Karak Dumgril (Fortress)

Etora, Jewel of the Vearrith Coast

Nazeth, the Unbroken City

Methlan - Queen of Ships

The Mystical Mechanics Factory

Town of Shimmersh

Carcerems industry.

Patino, the Machine City

City-State of Crestfall

The Industrious and Inventive Gnomes of Pangation

Solenopolis -- The City on an Anthill

Kharnost, Flame of the Khaninspire

Asteroid TES-64343

Ingholm (Free Hold)

Mekrovia Industrial Zone

Home - Geological Territory 1

Kurata, Centre of Industry


The Laborem Work Camp

Emeraldin, Heartland of Forgotten Ancients

Center of Christmas Spirit and Magic City

Guanyin 1, a hive world

Nurking-Unhizy Shipyard

The Ocean City of Cassidor

The Arlyian Research Institution for Developmental Sciences (ARIDS) & Arlyia-Thyr

Welkwu: Capital in its Own Right

Dark Horizons Orbital Penitentiary

Ankaa Orbital Shipyards

Village of Angran

Endrys, Capital of the Noble Kingdom and the House of its Honor

People's Megalopolis of St. Edeness

Dechas Diamond Mines


Sector 2: The Function

Les docks d'Avalon

The Foundry (Aodios)

Cara, the Everchanging

The Artisan's Guild

Emberthain: Home of the Airship

Mil Bazon — and "When Dwarves and Gnomes Unite, Mil Bazon's Folly"

Obsidiana Oil Rig

Utstyrstad, City of Golaiths

Stone Castle Invictus

The Crown City of Elric

Koron Industrial Centre

Anong's Crucible

El'vhen, City of the Arcane

Industry areas in Glenora.

The Shipyards of Jotuneyja

Izhaso, the Forge of Bones

Lowell, Massachusetts

Lothheim, Capital of Andare

Gloucester Locale