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Few settlers have managed to maintain toeholds in salvageable ruins. Atlaport is one of them. A sprawling pre-collapse industrial complex has undergone a limited revival. It is one of the few places production of new goods is taking place. Virtually everyone with mechanical skills has flocked to Atlaport to take part in the budding renaissance.   The settlement has become an unwilling hub of trade in the region and desparate people come to it looking for work. Unfortunately for them the Mechanics and Machinists Union has an iron grip on who is allowed into the industrial areas. A shanty town has gradually grown on the outskirts of the settlement. Shopmasters needing to keep thier trained people on task import day-labor from an organised labor pool.   The settlement itself sprawls through part of the complex with living areas being close to non-hazardous work. Foundries and refineries are farther away, and generally downwind to keep the smoke and fumes out of the settlement. Despite efforts, shanties keep being built in this smoggy area and has been nicknamed Plumetown.   A warehouse area has begun to be used as an indoor market. It is the largest of its sort in the region. While not a place to trade scrap, recyclers do buy and sell choice salvage. Often times a salvaged item is restorable and there is a living to be had picking through the piles and making things work again.   There is a standing para-military company which provides security to all of Atlaport called the Steel Curtain. They patrol the walls, fences and nearby wastes, vigilant for raiders and looters. The settlers view them favorably, and sometimes they are employed inside the settlement by Shopmasters.   Atlaport has ready access to scrap in the parts of the complex which are beyond repair and doesn't import lower grades of scrap from elsewhere. Rare scrap still commands a high price and most scrappers can trade easily with it. There was a rumor of minting coin currency which turned out to be a refurbished casing draw press. Some Shopmasters have standardized a way to deal with finances rather than carting tons of metal across the settlement. They stamp out Timecards and register Billablehours in Manhours, Machinehours and Shophours. Workers can use their Timecards to trade with each other and merchants that work with their Shopmasters. Most Shopmasters that use day labor from the shanty town are on the Timecard system.   Atlaport has begun to export goods. Exports are primarily repair parts, tools and small metalworking machines.

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