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Long ages ago a humanoid race fled a disaster. Finding this plantary system emenable they settled in and explored. Long years passed as they toiled in terraforming with the help of beings they created. In fear of losing control they bred antagonists for them to quarrel with. Then the great seers fortold an apocalypse. The debris of a stellar collision would come through the system bomarding and irradiating everything in its path. The reconstruction of an artifical planet was already well underway and they rushed its completion to use the inner world as a fallout shelter. Great thinkers supposed that those that lived there before them did not survive this once an aeon event. The greatest technomancers wove the energies and built their greatest creations. Not all heeded the warnings of the seers and many perished in the years of Skyfall. The work of the technomancers was not in vain. The years had been long and their people declined rapidly. Retiring to far-flung estates they took their leave. Not gone, just no longer concerning themselves in the business of the others.