Colestone Highlands

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Bloheron

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This campaign serves two purposes. First it is a mostly vanilla D&D5e sandbox set along thousands of miles of trails in high mountains in a homebrew world. Secondly it will be a repository of real-world information about long distance hiking.   The Colestone Highlands is an ancient mountain range long recognised for being a place of hermitage and retreat. Trails loop over dizzying peaks and through deep passes. Chief among them is the revered Colestone Pathway. Thousands of miles of continuous trail through challenging terrain often trod by those seeking enlightenment. Outposts dot the the mountains, some spiritual, the remainder secular and not all are friendly towards the Pathway Pilgrims. In recent years those of a mind to challenge themselves have flocked to the Colestones. With them came those of a less introspective purpose.

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