Odemark Reborn

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Bloheron


This story is told by

Odemark is the first planet in the system. Closest to the central stellar body with little between other than a few asteroids. Long blasted by the proximity of such indominable power, the planet's surface has been roasted into seas of glittering sand. If not for the extreme pitch of the axis, the entire planet would be uninhabitable to life as commonly understood. As it is the high gravity of such a large world has had many clear effects. Both polar extremes experience vast temperature changes, what life exists has adapted to living deep within the sand. A broad band of oases girdles the equator attracts what surface life remains. The remainder of the planet is speckled with bare mountains and crumbling ruins of a past global economy. An ancient disagreement ended in a planet-wide holocaust. Widely scattered survivors lived in terror for years. Their decendants remember remnants of history and have evolved into new societies and ethnicities with deeply held mistrust. A few hold the ruins as holy ground, others as rich salvage. Others echew them both and try to live in harmony with the endless sea of desert. Still more hoard the knowledge of the before times in a grand plan to restore the world. It is still a wishful story that somewhere remains an unspoiled college with all the answers.   The Odemark setting was written for use in a Science Fiction trilogy. Additions to the D&D 5e game system have to be made to preserve the intended feel. The ethnicities are secondary backgrounds. Proficiencies are expanded, most particularly for Tools and character's base understanding of technology is dependant on Tech Level. Radiation is a regional effect and is part of the weather and prevents recovery during rest periods. Spending too long in radiation without protection results in Fatigue. Radiation Resistance is an added Feat. Firearms are common, available in many types and are subject to misfire. Jammed firearms require repair by use of the appropriate tool kit and proficiency.

The Protagonists
Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark
Level 2 Tabaxi Chaotic Neutral Rogue
(Remtelar Anthropologist)
/ 16 HP
Gamma Dullen
Level 2 Warforged Neutral Barbarian
/ 30 HP


Sessions List

Scheduled Sessions

Thu 8th August 2019 18:00

Session 3: In The Belly

Earlier events having left some of the party feeling rather drained, they split up. Some remained behind on the Rover while the more intrepid, enhanced through the use of chemicals, went back for further exploration. Discovering they had barely begun to see what the ancient wreck had to offer, they became bold. Manifest in claw, and salivating at what they found, they reported the findings. Now they prepare themselves for that which still lurks below. Treasures indeed they found, but more questions than answers.

Thu 25th July 2019 18:00

Session 2: Down the Hatch

After finding the upper fuselage of what appears to be a flying machine, an open hatch filled with sand was spotted. Initial exploration revealed the find to be a pre-holocaust superheavy airlift. While some stood in awe of the incredible find, others calculated the potential scrap. None knew what lurked below as feet trod where none have for centuries.

Thu 11th July 2019 18:00

Session 1: Wheels begin to turn

An unlikely band finds common ground. Long held mistrust pushes them apart, yet strange, unseen forces brought them together. Maybe just this once, the wastes can be braved.

Maps & Timelines

  • Map of Odemark: Reborn 0,0
  • Map of Odemark: Reborn, Old Dunlee Ruin