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Each Juxtalen tribe has a place of sanctuary for their elders and council persons. This structure is kept separate from the remainder of the tribal areas. While Juxtalen dwell in the simplicity of underground caverns and shelters, their Conference is very different. Following old memories passed down over the generations they build a structure which they believe symbolizes the hopes and dreams of their people from before the holocaust.   Unlike the warrens below ground, their Conference is built above. In the scarcity that followed the collapse they use what can be found. Searching the rubble of the nearby ruins of the megacity of their ancestors if they must. This being the only time it is considered permissible to despoil it. They are considered holy ground, grand parks protected by law from scavengers and looters, to be sources of inspiration, awe and wonder.   Each tribe has a different belief what form their conference should take. Some build structures resembling pre-holocaust homes complete with glass windows, a yard with a fence and various child's toys. Others build on larger or smaller scales. Whatever is built, none live in it. The central feature is a basement staircase leading into darkness below. It isn't hidden per se, but exactly where you expect it. Behind outdoor storm cellar doors, indoor cellar doors and so forth.   Beyond that door, and down the steps back in the cool underground are the halls and chambers of the tribal elders and council. Central to them is a substantial open area where they meet to discuss tribal matters, perform ceremonies, and hold audiences with delegations. The chamber is often decorated in a similar style as would be used in the above ground structure. Part of the decorations are shelves of bound books, journals and records of the goings on of the tribe. If a tribe has not suffered catastrohic loss those records may go back to times before the collapse and possibly the holocaust.

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