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Quotes and Frequent Wisdoms

Televists   "Want to see more? Be sure to dial 1-800-IDONATE!" "We shall resume after this break, stay tuned!" "Tired of plain old water that leaves you just as thirsty? Try Wetter Water (trademark) with flavor minerals."     Sisters of Purity   "Don't touch that, you know where it's been." "A worthy specimen sister, harvest well and do us proud." "Cull is upon us, Sisters who shall we choose that the rest grow stronger?"     Fleshtenders   "Such tender morsels are meant to be plucked, one by one, and its juices savored." "A fresh subject. Oh delightful day!" "Soon you will know true joy and forget all else."     Juxtalen   "Suffer not your brother the burden of duty which brightens the lives of your people." "There is honor in less." "Take what you will, but leave the greater portion for those without."     Remtelen   "Like the grains of sand, we are all blown. Be as the wind which carries us all and not the rock which we are flung at." "The journey of a lifetime begins with a first step, forgotten but for the pain of the fall." "You are who you are despite the flesh you wear and the clothes you hide within."     Amerites   "Sure, you have a problem. I have a problem, they have problems, we all have problems, but you're the only one trying to push your problem on somebody else!" "That's a scrappy wicket, eh wot?" "Do I look like I work here?"     Speed Fiends   "Too slow! How do you get anything done? Boost it! Going, going, gone!" "Waaaaauuuuuugggggggghhhhhhh!" "The redder the bedder!"     Union of Mechanics   "Mock not the procedures of the Great Haynes! Observe the rituals of timing and accept the annoiting of oil and sacrament of silicone. By Torque be praised!" "I exorcise thee, devils of blackest night, out, out out with ye that the holy spirit with mine oil might wash ye steel and iron of evil, that thy bearings and gears might be baptised and kiss the righteous rings of piston!" "Washest they feet and hands of all that is unclean. Gather ye brethern into the great circle with rings within and without. Pass between the eucharist of molybdenum and seal from all profane."   Blue Dreamers   "Like I know the shimmer on the horizon isn't real, man. But, like just imagine if it wasn't! Somewhere is, like all the water you could wish for. You just gotta start walking if you wanna get it, man." "Like, hey, I got a trade, man." "Have you heard the word? Like there's a conspiracy to keep water locked away from everyone, man. Like there's a place it falls from the sky for free, lakes of it!"     Regenerists   "The planet was once more alive and green and it wants to be again. If we'd only set aside the pettiness and plant some trees." "Everything begins with a seed, but it needs a place to take root." "If you want to enjoy the shade, first cultivate leaves."

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